AFK Mining

I recently returned to Eve. In general, I am a peaceful player and I love pve. Mining, NPC beat, etc. And what was my surprise when a locality in the orc merged me in location 0.7. Which included 2 second adaptive. what is this nonsense. And so in this perfect non-profitable occupation, now you can’t get on the afk and approach switch between asteroids? what is this nonsense?

AFK anything is bad, mmmkay.

You lost your Orca to what appears to be a Triglavian Recon Squad. This is ‘new’ PVE content (introduced some time ago now).

You can read more about them here:

So not nonsense, totally intended game play, in that you need to actually play the game.



If this content is designed to fully sit and watch how the ore is mined. Then, excuse me, but make ore prices such as to sit and mine without getting up.

They are. Get a Rorq, move to null.

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Ore prices are set by the players. Not by CCP.
Don’t like the profit margins then don’t do it. Clearly there are enough people who ARE okay with it. Otherwise the ore supplies would drop and prices would go up.
That’s the beauty of a free market.


Well, there has always been ore mining in the afk floor. this is a plus. People who mine ore are mostly adults and do not always have time to play. And so I replenish the balance of money to develop

After triglavian change, your miner (Deceased Orca in this case) are must be able to handle bigger rats.

After I saw your endless mining ship loss, I suggest you to go to nullsec. Join karma fleet or pandemic horde. They got great ways to protect your mining ship.

…including the AFK mining gameplay that you fancy.

AFK anything is bad, mmmkay.

Please show me, where is it in the EULA.

Thank you

LOL a solo Rorq. How log it caould last? Because it is a nice kill-mail, and as we know kill-mail enlarges your peni… erm ego! :smiley:

Quite awhile in safe SOV Null areas

Let me guess: you are living ing null sec space. In an NBSI kind alliance maybe?

No I am not. I also cannot fly a rorq. However I have IRL friends who do. You can also find threads here that talk about how broken OP rorq mining can be.

Lol, please show me where I said it was ever mentioned in the EULA?

I think you’ll find there aren’t many sov holding null sec alliances that are not NBSI.

No no, thank you, reading your posts provided a good laugh :smiley:


I think you’ll find there aren’t many sov holding null sec alliances that are not NBSI.

mhm that’s great. Always we say: hig sec is ruined, the ansswer is: move to null. But moving to null is no as easy as you say. If you just grab your stuff and approach a null system you will killed and you lost everything.

I lived in null for a while, and we had to pay for the system, alliance membership etc, that was billions annually, we had to answer CTAs and organise logistics to carry our stuff to the market. We built stations (not upwell crap, check C1-HAB on dotlan, Amarr Factory station, called Ulthor’s Manor) but my friends left the game, our corp was kicked from alliance, so we, the leftovers have to do someting in hig-sec.

I know I konw we should join an another corp, who already a setup in null…

No no, thank you , reading your posts provided a good laugh :smiley:

happy to help you laugh.

I feel like this is a bit exagerated. Many nul systems/constels are actually almost empty.


It is a small, <200 member alliance holding a mere 6 systems in 0.0

When I heard how much he was pulling in per hour with a Rorqual I immediately fired up evemon to see how much training time it would take. (sadly too much, like 270 days)

I am planning on joining up and heading down there, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

I think he means on the way there. You’ll have to go through low, and that can be tricky, especially with all your belongings.

that’s why you use scout.
and/or mwd cloak.

lots of people go to null on a daily basis.

mhm that’s great. As we always say, don’t be dumb. If you do dumb stuff bad things will happen.

Good for you!

That does not sound like fun, so you were in a corporation that did not realise NPC Null Sec is a thing?

Initially your posts were amusing, now I’m just confused as to what exactly is your point… but of course you do also realise that this thread is about AFK mining… not your attempts in Sov Null… right?

So with that being said:

No, that’s not how markets work, if you don’t feel it is generating enough isk for the time invested you should find something else to do that does. Eventually prices will either rise or they won’t, dependent on if all the other miners feel it is worth their time or not.


Doesn’t everyone love to play games by not playing them?

Man, all those assholes in CS:Go always keep shooting me when I just want to stand around or explore the maps, I don’t understand how this is being tolerated. I identify as a pacifist and i demand people respect my decision and play accordingly.

PS: OP is trolling. Read his post again and use your brain afterwards.

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