Why are my miners being killed off in 0.8 hisec by rats?

So my love/hate relationship with EVE over the last ten years continues!

So I decided to quit EVE for a zillionth time, and to comeback for the zillionth and first time, so I decide to chill in in a Kador 0.8 hisec system (Salah), mining in my trusty Venture just for fun, (Alpha is more fun than Omega for me now, no more chasing that 500 PLEX a month), drones out for protection against the flimsy hisec rats, I come back a few minutes later and the Venture is dead because of Triglavians in 0.8 hisec killing miners.

Are these Triglavians all over hisec hunting miners?
I think I may quit for the zillionth and second time!

Yes. Don’t be AFK. They don’t point, so you are free to run.


Your minerS?

Do explain.

What about ice mining orcas which are designed by CCP to do AFK mining with drones, you actually have to be staring at your orca mining now, for two hours till the cargo fills? Seriously?

I’ve lost two precious Ventures in two days.

They are not designed to mine AFK. At best they’re designed to be an alt account ship, together with your non-afk miners.

Nothing in EvE is designed for AFK. CCP battles AFK gameplay wherever they can because of botting. The Trigs are one part of that campain, they do about 300 DPS (and go for drones first), so plenty of time to get your Orca out. You may set your shield alarm to a higher value.


So they kill even the ice mining drones which the other rats usually leave alone???
If that’s the case, no wonder the Eve population is dwindling. Nobody is going to stare at Orcas mining.

Yeah, the botters and AFK farmers leaving. Good.


^ this ^

Want to change this ? Find friends, and or make friends, and you can chat and thus NOT play AFK. Also you will make more money by being in a fleet with an orca.


If you are threatening to leave because you can’t AFK mine then you wont be missed at all…


I don’t care what people say, when CCP gave Orcas the ability to ice mine, they Obviously intended that to be an AFK activity. If CCP is back-peddling now by getting the Triglavians attacking AFK Orcas, than what’s the point of allowing them to mine ice in the fist place???

WTF ? Prove it. It definitely is not “obvious”.


Have you seen ice belts in High sec? They are almost all AFK Orcas (Well maybe till these Triglavians, haven’t been on for a couple of weeks)

not related.

Just because people do something does not mean CCP made it by wanting it to be exactly that way.
Other wise are you claiming that CCP specifically intended to make drone regions a russian bot area ?

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Yes, and CCP is about to correct this. But why you care, you cant fly an Orca with Alpha.


…and people still wonder why CODE exists…


CODE is dying, haven’t been bumped by CODE for years

So you are claiming relations that actually are not based on anything ?

Please stop it’s just a waste of time -.-

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I know I can’t now, just discussing the principle of the thing