Mining in high-sec - risk of being "PvE-ganked"?

Hi, I stopped playing some months ago because my GPU went haywire. It seems CCP introduced this triglavian invasion in known space. Back when I played you could only battle triglavian in gated space-pockets. It seems these fellows are invading known space now?

I like semi-afking while mining in an Orca. I know all the PvP gank risk etc. etc., but is there now a risk that this PvE invasion could attack people randomly in a system?

You deserve to lose your ship and die, hopefully with tons of implants in your head. :slight_smile:


Actually I use +5 implants because after years of not being ganked why not.


The short answer is ‘yes’. I am not certain what the actual threat level is, or where they will or won’t attack. I have heard they only appear in invasion areas or places with emerging conduits, but I do not look into it being as their existing or not isn’t something I find disruptive, and I prefer people pay attention anyway.

I have also heard it told it would take some time for triglavians to down an Orca, and that, outside of an invasion area, at least, they do not point, so even a low to moderate amount of attention should be sufficient to avoid an untimely death, but, again, I do not do this so I have not tried to vet this at all.

CCP has decided to make “low attention” playstyles somewhat riskier. If you’re at your keyboard, the Raznaborg Triglavians pose little threat. If you have a Forward Operating Base (FOB) in system you’ll want to move until it is killed or despawns - those rats (blood raiders or guristas) can easily take down your Orca.

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last time I checked it was ±300 DPS for a 3-squad, so a 300k ehp orca would need approx 20min to go down. But in reality, they will kill your drones very fast.

No different from player gankers or pirate NPC ganker fleets, just a little more intelligence.

The Trig patrols act more like player gankers.

In fact , they do a better job and with no trash talk in local xD


Thanks for the info all! So if they don’t point and only bring ~300 dps, it should be good for semi-afking.

I guess the real issue are those shiny drones.

Why you care so much if you even don’t play the game?

If you want to do mining afk. You don’t enjoy it, you don’t like grind because you don’t want to put your attention into it, isk/time mining is worst option in hisec

don’t do it

There are way better options to make isk in hisec. And mining in hisec is worst possible place to mine. With trigs and fob rats, you are way safer even in lowsec. But again, why do something you don’t want to do and not enjoy to do?

Triglavian recon squads pose a significant threat to afk and semi-afk miners in high sec, having been introduced by CCP for more or less this purpose. They’re basically robots taking CODE’s job (the job they say they do, anyway) of forcing people to pay attention during PvE.


Thanks, I’ll see how it goes!

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They were introduced as an anti bot measure, the afk/semi-afk ganking is just an added bonus flow on effect the hurts multiboxers more than normal players.

What is a normal player? Sandbox, all is permissible!:grin:


In case someone finds this post in the future, I’ll share my observations during the last 10 days. Trig ships definitely patrol belts and attack people on sight. They will also destroy your drones, and probably target them first. This is a goodbye to augmented mining drones, unless you stare at the screen while mining, and I doubt many do that.

The group of Trig ships patrolling vary a lot, sometimes they consist of three ships, other times seven. Maybe more or less too. Their damage is not a problem for Orcas, it will take several minutes (often around 20) to actually destroy it, but you can’t ignore them. I can see them being pretty serious to new players in ventures and even players in the non-tank barges. Pretty sure a venture won’t even be able to warp out in time if it’s a bigger patrol, even if they aren’t afk. There are also a lot less people mining in my system (0.7 sec) than what I remember, but that may just be coincidental.

All in all, mining is definitely not what it used to, for better or worse. It’s not the biggest issue for people with the capacity to fly a mining Orca, except you need to get used to replace a few mining drones now and then, but it’s definitely another story for newer players and barges. It seems though that these observations only apply to asteroid belts. I did solo a few Emergent Conduit sites in my Orca and started mining the Talassonite afterwards. There are many disadvantages to these ores, the low value being the biggest, but it seems Trig ships don’t actually patrol here - only the regular weak rats (I may be wrong!).

Conclusion = don’t mine in hisec. It never was worth it and now is worth less.

I find it okay still :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m not gonna tell you how to play your sandbox. Everyone has own goals.

Just lost my Orca to a dozen Guristas with Warp Scram Frigs. Not AFK…
slightly miffed! In High Sec 0.5