Mining in high-sec - risk of being "PvE-ganked"?

is this it ?
i can only imagine your corp comms …
‘scouting belt with frigate ; blown up by diamond rats …
barge blown up by diamond rats …
battleship blown up by diamond rats …
okay no more dicking around here i come again in my orca muahahha’ !!
the end :slight_smile:
edit ok since you lost an orca in same system the day before it’s not as funny just sad …

Basically, belt mining is a bit more hazardous now than it was. However 1.0/0.9 systems near rookie systems don’t have recons, you can tell by looking at the probe scanner window, if there is no Emerging Conduit then there are no recons. Check dscan as well of course and don’t forget to check for Blood/Guristas FOBs, those diamond rats are a bit nasty.

Ore Anoms are safe for a semi-afk orca, recons don’t go to them. Lastly some combat sites and mission sites have asteroids, you can do the Hideaways even in a venture for a bit of loot, salvage, chance of faction drop and a bit of quiet mining.

Some Orca pilots I know do the Emerging Conduits with some good drones then semi-afk mine the Crapton™ of Talassonite roids in the site. Not the best isk return but you get a bit of tasty megacyte.

Lots of options.

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I’m trying to setup a friend to do some mining. These NPCs are PITA for miners in barges.

Do the razors and trigs patrol in lowsec belts?

I don’t know actually, haven’t done any lowsec belt mining for a long time. Generally I’d only mine lowsec if I was raiding moon goo as lowsec T1 ore is not worth the trouble. In any case for lowsec/null solo mining I use an Endurance and GTFO/Cloak if necessary. If I had to use a solo barge then I’d say only option is a Procurer and be prepared to lose a few.

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