Where my possibilities can lead me? Working semi-AFK & at home (maybe semi-AFK)


I’d like to know your opinions about where can my time and time playstyle can lead me in this game.

I’m at work everyday from 10AM to 14.00 and from 17.00 to 20.00, while I’m there I can run EVE Online but of course, I can only play semi AFK because if a client comes, I need to be AFK, that could only led me to mine and go fast to a station when a client comes, or there are more activities where I can semi AFK?

Also, this summer I’m going to be father, so, maybe even at home I’ll need to AFK some times, what can I do? Or maybe until summer I can do some more activities that requires full attention, but what do you think about this, or maybe this game isn’t for me?


I think it depends on what you like to do. With the exception of L4/L5 missions, it’s absolutely possible to play in small sprints and engagements. The question is how much warning you will have to dock up when a client comes.

I would not recommend AFK mining as there is always some risk there, but it’s possible if you mitigate your risks and do not go completely AFK. Other things like exploration or quick PVP are good options.

Lots of things in EVE can be done in bite-sized chunks, with the exceptions being the missions mentioned above and possibly WHs, as there may not be a safe space to dock up (though cloaking can work there as an alternative).

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Trading, manufacturing require little activity and attention only as much as you want.


The original post suggests that you intend to maintain situational awareness while playing and dock when you need to attend to real life business. In this case, pretty much all PVE and industrial activities are open to you. As long as there is a station or public Citadel in the system and you can warp (not warp disrupted by another player or NPC), you can right click on the station, select dock and let your ship take care of itself. If there are no stations, you can create a “safe spot” bookmark in the middle of nowhere and warp there when you’re needed in the real world.

As @Tipa_Riot pointed out, there are a lot of activities - manufacturing, research, PI, market trading that don’t require you to undock.

That said, you risk your ship every time you undock and will occasionally lose one. Eve is that kind of game. If that bothers you Eve may be the wrong game for you, otherwise - welcome aboard!


Thanks for the answers, I guess I’ll be doing mining for now in my Venture, I’ve asked and I think I’ll be buying a Procurer when I meet the skills, and from there I’ll think what I’ll do next when that happens.


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If I were in your shoes I would do station trading and maybe run missions while you had time to play. Station trading favors being able to regularly check your orders and has the potential to make a lot of Isk. Missions would be good because you can walk away from them and come back any time and you won’t lose them. However if you leave a mission for a long time you will lose the bonus for completing it quickly which is usually within about 4 hours for security missions. Mining would be good as well just don’t go afk doing it and expect to still have your ship when you get back.

Congratulations on going to be a father, that’s great!

Yes, you can do things in EvE even with frequent interruptions.

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