Struggles of an 8 to 5er

Hello fellow capsuleers, i bring you my issue:

I recently got into a 8-5 job WFH (Work from Home for those that arent familiar with the acronym) in a “call center” (i know i know, i could do better but current country’s scenario makes it really hard).

I do have the ability to AFK-ishly play the game i’d say as much i’d have to focus on work 2-5 misn at a time, with downtimes of up to 15-20 mins (cant really tell when this are gonna happen as its randomly trough the day).

Im wondering if there’s any activity, that during my “work time” i can afk-ishly do, without paying much attention, not completely “focused” or risky either, that would net me 1b+ during the said time (8-5). wich turns into roughly 1b/9hrs or 100m/hr-ish.

Tought of lvl 4s, but im not sure i can get that isk/hr ratio w/o using a gankable ship.

Was wondering if there’s a “non gank worthy” lvl4 mission allrounder ship i could use, and if the expected ratio would be achievable?

or perhaps any other suggestion to make 1b/workday under the above assumptions,

Thanks a lot

Edit: the 1b/workday doesnt need to be liquid, nor liquidated on a daily basis so LP / loot etc also counts, i could sell those afetr work or during weekends etc

Afk L3s

Would that give me the isk/workschedule ratio im looking for, or close to it?

Sorry to say but there is nothing you can afk in this game that will net you 1bil/workday.

Can’t do anything in WH,LS,NS due to PVP.

That leaves us with HS. What options do you have in HS?.

  • Abyssal deadspace (Can’t be afked)
  • Missions (can be afked) but very low ISK/hr at about 20mil/hr since you are afking.
  • Mining (can be afked) but again very low ISK/hr.
  • Soloing FOBs will not net you 1bil/day. (Takes 2+hrs solo)
  • You could learn to be a market trader but that again takes attention and constant management.
  • PI could be an option, but you will not net 1bil/workday in HS.

Hope this helps. What you are looking for doesn’t exist in EVE.


The most AFK thing you could do HighTier gas mining in a Prospect. Find a C320/C540 site, orbit the Gas cloud @500m with AB/MWD on (depends on fit), the NPCs will chase you but never catch you because the Cloud is hundreds of km large and you can harvest 12500m³ of high value gas, afk until the cargohold is full. Which can take an hour. Or more. You’ll need approx 5-7 minutes to bring that Gas out of WH space to an NPC station and can then go to the next hour of AFK mining.

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Sites are insanely rare I hear and or hotly contested.

I would take your insight and then reformulate, what would be the most isk/workday “afk-ish” activity under my circumstances.

I just kinda want to maximize income while sitting in front of my computer so i can focus on pvp when im off work

Also not considering the huffing someone mentioned above cuz contesting and what not

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To be quite honest, and this is an earnest suggestion:

Doing your job well. Set aside 5 bucks a month. Buy a PLEX package. Get billions of ISK totally AFK.


Im doing my job above expectations, spending IRL money in the game is something i’ve considered too and done as well, but this is not what else can i do for isk, this is about what can i do WHILE working to maximize income while sitting at my computer 9 hours aside of my regular playtime

Edit: Granted, if the 1b/workday ratio is not achievable its fine, i just want to know what’d be the highest isk/9hours afkish ratio i can get

I’d be careful of burning out, personally.

But if you’re truly set on playing Eve at the same time, I think your best bet is going to be the L4 missions. Anything else will either be less money for semi-afk, require you to commit for stretches of time to avoid ship loss or put you in danger of PvP while you’re not able to pay attention. You can always just warp out to dock if you’re in a mission, you’re only ever warp disrupted in those missions so if you concentrate on the elite frigates first you’re golden.

Based on when I’m playing super casually, just working on reputation in very high security while chatting with friends/corp, I pull in about 1.5m a minute (when RNG is nice) on average after converting LP to isk at 750isk/lp minimum. That’s with high relevant social skills, doing it constantly for that time period. I generally take fairly tanky BS’s that can do 1k dps out to about 100km. When RNG isn’t so nice, it’s more like 1m p/min if I’m not being picky about the missions I take.

I think that depending on how often you have to AFK and how much you can concentrate on it, you could reasonably be expecting to pull in 0.5-1m p/min over the course of the day. So maybe around about 350m for a full 9 hours, but probably more like 250m. Which would be more than enough for small ship PvP, but as I said, personally I wouldn’t want to burn out doing that non-stop.

Your name is Market Beyotch and you didn’t think of industry & market?

Market alone can easily make 1b in a workday on a single toon if you know what you’re doing and have enough capital. Supplement that with industry & alts and your profits go up again. Fire & forget market orders + a couple clicks to start new production every now and then (profitable items can take anywhere from 15 minutes to days to make per industry slot).

On top of that, supplement with your preferred PVE activity, and you shouldn’t even be struggling. And hisec combat exploration wasn’t even mentionted so far… can net hundreds of millions from a single site if you get lucky. I’ve made 400 mil in less than an hour on a couple 3/10’s, and my luck is garbage compared to some friends who keep looting 700 mil+ from just a couple hours of combat site farming every day.

Or find some friends and do a couple homefronts every now and then, with 5 people the payout is 16ish mil per site, and they take like 15 min to complete. It’s a little more involved, but with proper fits you don’t need to do that much.

Activities like Mining or running L4s will not reach the 1b/day if you do them on a single toon, but these activities are scaleable across multiple toons. If you’re committed enough to the isk grind plexing those additional accounts becomes a valuable investment.

Find a more active and valuable income method to build the initial investment, then get some low-SP barge / gila alts if you’re looking in that direction.

LoL, well in that particular sense you are right, but im not well versed on trading, the name of the char was cuz its my Jita alt, to “buy” market stuff to no clone over.

I know Market pvp is the best isk generator and its mostly passive as well, however i lack the appropiate knowledge and drive to set up comparison charts etc.

initial investment is not the issue, currently have enough isk to invest on anything-ish to start up the activity that fits the workschedule i got, however considering the attention span i might, mightnot be able to have, idk if multiboxing would be good, if you dont mind, please develop further into your option? perhaps i might consider it

People often multibox by doing more than 1 mission with more alts. Mine more ore. More characters taking payout in incursions etc. It nets more ISK overall but requires more attention to manage it all.

I never use any kind of charts or excel to do my trading and I started as an alpha and plex multiple accounts now. I do the laziest kind of trading and still make better isk than almost anything else in hisec.

Actually L4s can easily make 1B/day, just can’t do that much afk.

That is a bold claim. Must be with like SOE stuff + alts to cycle through missions and whatnot. + burners

No. This is not a bold claim. SOE is actually crap. There are stores with value of 2K+ isk per LP (directly to Jita buy!), with L4 agents in 0.5 systems (also low sec, but we are talking about hisec here).

This makes a single burner worth 30M+ in LP alone. Some anti-empire missions can easily get you beyond 200M+ isk/h (assuming full clear and loot). 200M/h is more than possible - it is perfectly realistic number. The caveat here is that this is not afk running them.

Also cycling through missions is normal part of operations - why would you do crap missions?

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One big tip for anyone running or wanting to run missions: first check LP value of the store in question ( helps here). The biggest part of mission rewards is from LPs, but LP stores are not the same. Some stores are total crap, others just so-so at best, some are great. You want great store, and it would be best if your agent was in 0.5 system (the lower the sec status the higher the LP and ISK payout for missions).

Also don’t just skip anti-empire missions. First ask yourself two questions: are you interested in flying in that empires space? Do you do missions for this empire? Because if the answer is no then you have no reason to skip them. The tags from these missions are worth a lot (for some missions we are talking ~100M isk in loot alone, in 20 minutes it takes to do them, assuming you got proper dps and application).

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