Returning Player - HS Start

Looking to start back up my accounts but trying to get some info. I used to run 3 accounts, one Orca, two Hulks.

Now the general consensus seems to be run with Skiffs.

My primary goal, is to possibly run missions and whatnot during the week as I am limited to 1-2 hours a day during the week, and on the weekend possibly running mining while I do work around the house. Profitability wise is HS Ice mining still doable or just concentrate on minerals?

Not looking to get rich, just looking to be able to PLEX my accounts at the end of the month. Long as I make that much I’ll be happy.

I don’t know how long you’ve been gone but lv4 missions are kinda op now. If you run them properly you can do 150-250mil an hour (no alts just blitz) in high sec depending on how focused you’re playing. Coats a couple billion to get all the ships ready and will take a bit to study the burners but once you’ve got it set up it’s kind of a cake walk.

I know you asked about ice and mining nerd stuff but based on your 1-2 hours a day thing I think missions would be great. Leave the ships at your agent come and go as you please to make money.

I used to Solo 4’s in a Tengu, not the case anymore?

Ideally if you want to make money work for sisters of eve, wait till you have high standings with servant sisters of eve (their alliance) then decline every mission that isn’t blitzable or is too many jumps away. Blitz everything. Money will come from the LP and burner bounties. Oh and dread pirate scarlet is nice cause you just fit arty and blow her up twice for a clean 40 mil in 5 minutes. Silence the informant is great because it gives 5 elite drone ai which are 7 mil a pop now.

You’re gonna need a blitzing generic mission ship (Machariel is the absolute best) and a bunch of frigates and cruisers specifically tailored to each burner mission.

Keep in mind my numbers for isk/hr are with my character at about 170 million sp, results may vary.

I’m primarily Caldari focused atm, Ran a Drake through 3s and my Tengu on 4’s. I have plenty to learn with the new stuff that’s been added over the past few years…

Are 4s still doable in a Tengu or will I need to start lower while I wrap my head around the game again?

They are. But you will be slowed down comparing to Machariel or Rattlesnake. Just not enough DPS to finish it quick enough.

Problem is both of those take a rather sizable investment, as a returning player I have a Tengu, I do not have a Mach or Rattle.

I do appreciate the advice, it will take a bit to get by feet under me again.

Still looking if semi-afk mining ICE or Minerals would be my best bet on the weekends. I have some production skills and researched BP’s

There’s no afk or semi-afk anymore for that :stuck_out_tongue: Especially if you fly Hulks. They’re like cocaine for suicide tactics, and orca’s are just there to get humped by machariels.

The ice timers are also no longer reliable.

To be honest, if industry is your thing, there is a lot these days where there’s either volume or margin gaps. As in room to jump in with specialised output, as long as you have the ability to keep track of price curves and switch production types as need be.

An interesting alternative however might be to simply make the move to null, fly simple T1 stuff, and still go way over any low/highsec output yields.

I planned on hardening a couple skiffs to go with my Orca. Outfit everything with TII Damage Drones. I already heard Hulks are getting popped like candy.

Only if you’re a coward… just put DOUCHE., er CODE. to red in standings. If one shows up, dock up. Otherwise go with Hulks. The difference in Yield isn’t even a question. Do you want to mine a mountain with a plastic spoon, or would you rather use an excavator with a 3’ wide bucket?

Their entire goal is to minimize resource production outside of Delve as much as possible. Just as was their purpose for the original Hulkageddon.

Just look at the recent Economic Report. It’s all about oppressing everything that isn’t CFC/GOON/IMP. “ruining the fun of the game for all others” - Alex’s stated goal almost 10 years ago.

Nice loot :stuck_out_tongue:

Stick with T1. Don’t go Augmented or TII or anything like that. Corrected for human variables like time / risk / reaction / cost / etc everything falls in line with CCP’s great stratification of reward structures anyway, they all end up making the same. A miner is basically a loot pinata based on gratification and payout. Nothing more, nothing less. Besides, there’s so many changes that Ice mining - which you seem to favour - will undergo drastic changes that it wouldn’t be smart to prep for it, or bank on it.

EVE planning is the long term view.

Also, why not try something else? Something you haven’t done yet. I mean, grab a starter character from the bazaar, or make an Alpha or two. Explore, find opportunities, or challenges.

Hello. Care to elaborate on that sentence?

I am still trying to figure out what all I can do to make ISK with an hour or two a day. I can do exploration, Buzzard with cloak etc… I just don’t know where to start for that…

Save an hour of your paycheck, 5 days a week … you’ve just figured out how to make ISK with only an 1 or 2 hours to play during the weekdays

If I had only 2h to play I would make sure I would do something fun with my precious time and not waste my free time with mindless grinding. Sounds like another job you pay for…

ISK is just a means to an end. What are your actual plans in this game? What are you considering fun?

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So you want to spend an hour or two a week, just to make isk, so that you can spend an hour or two a week to make more isk?

This is a game, not a job. If you dont have a real life job, you can always apply to mcdonalds. 3 hours at mcdonalds will give you enough money to sub. Thats 3 hours a month.

I have a real life job, thus why I only have 1-2 hours a day during the week. Ive more or less dug into doing Lvl 4 missions on the week or mining, and then random events during the weekend. Missions or Mining, just depends on how much time I have and whether I can be locked into a mission or have to be able to get up out of the seat randomly.

Single income household, 4 kids… etc lol. Discretionary income is minimal…

Check out Celtic fire. We live in hisec, no SP requirements. We have a channel with the same name. We do missions, moon mining of the owners activate it, data sites. Not far from jita, and we have fun. We do have t.s.