FW Mission Rewards or mining?

From the monthly econ report, around 60 Trillion isk per month is mined across all sectors (13.5 from Delve alone), 2 Trillion per month from bounties, 0.3 Trillion from incursions and 0.1 from Mission rewards.

I’ve been running incursions to start making isk, but is there any point to doing anything but multiboxing miners for pure isk/hour? Incursions make 0.5% monthly what mining does, but CCP just nerfed it. I need to know what characters to buy off the bazaar once I’ve saved enough to do so. I was going to buy a T3C Level 4 FW mission runner, but is seems that’s a dumb idea these days.

Thanks in advance.

Ahh, what do you enjoy doing?

Because that’s what it will come down to, if you spend a bunch of isk on chars that do things you do not enjoy or find fun it will get boring really fast, and you’ll find yourself logging in less (which isn’t good).

Also keep in mind the economic report covers every pilot in the game, and I’d suggest a small percentage run incursions compared with those that mine so would expect a large differential in the total incomes of the two.


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I’d eventually like to get involved with pvp in medium sized corps, fighting over real strategic objectives such as lucrative moons, but to get there it’s currently faster for me to farm pve stuff to buy a proper pvp character than to plex this 5m SP character. If necessary, I would buy a mining alt to also attain some side-isk when I’m not up for pve, since it seems to be so lucrative.

Edit: I just realized that the mining output may include moon mining since it isn’t stated. This probably isn’t the case though unfortunately, since other sectors are outputting less than 100 bil a month.

One thing to keep in mind isk/hour is not the same as isk/month in the report. You have to factor in the number of players doing the activity. At least in HS you will find incursions far better than mining. The number overall is small but that is because the incursion community is far smaller than the mining community

Yes, of course, but at the same time it’s said that a single rorq will garner around 200mil an hour in protected NS. With very little effort, it seems that simply multiboxing miners will not only pay for their own plex but rather quickly start gaining more isk/hour than anything else in the game due to it’s ease of scale-ability

I’d suggest missioning/incursions is probably the best bet then, as the skills (char & piloting) cross over into the pvp field (though it’s easy to pickup bad habits in pve… :slight_smile: )

Um, not to throw a spanner in the works but this doesn’t really happen anymore, since the changes to moon mining. I know because we (Suddenly Spaceships) used to own/control a few low sec moons, but that is no longer the case… < reminisces about old times >. As I understand it now the ‘big boys’ control all the nice things.


So two things. First my main point was to make sure to understand monthly numbers do not equal per hour numbers as some facets a re e smaller communities .

To your second point comparing HS activities to NS is largely apple’s and oranges. Many NS activities will beat the isk/hr of HS.

Yeah, it’s a shame everything is getting monopolized. At least in large-scale NS alliances there’s some organised fighting with real reasons behind it, other than just ‘looking for content’. I’m in a WH corp right now but there’s no reason to hold any holes smaller than a C4. Anyways, thanks for the help. I’ll keep doing incursions for now whilst I look into C4/C5 ratting and FW mission running.

Largely depending on which faction you want to do fw missions for will help you decide what ship you might want to use. T3c’s being the best option overall, you still can get by with other hulls too.

FW Missions can make alot of ISK, but you also ■■■■ your standings and its super boring. I would not use a T3C, because sometimes there are gatecamps and hunters. Take a Jackdaw or Hecait for insta Aligne and faster warpspeed.
You can only run Caldari Missions right now, because Minmatar/Amarr are blocking all there stations right now and Gallente doesnt own any systems. Caldari LP are pretty worthless right now and hard to trade in.
Mining is horrible ISK per hour, even a fully skilled Rorq does less than 150m/hour and you need alot of setup, skillpoints and protection.
You live in a WH, take two Rattlesnakes or a group of Nestors and farm some C5 sites. 200-250mISK/hour and character. Also no trading to get the ISK and low required SP

Yeah, looking at running C4 missions in a group if I can find a char to buy that has the skills, thanks for the info. Why would people go out of their way to block FW missions when they only garner 0.3T isk per month total compared to mining gaining 60Trillion isk per month :thinking:

They pretty much cover it here


FW Missions dont pay alot of ISK, they pay a lot in LP, which you wont find in the report i think

This makes a lot of sense, thank you :slight_smile:

Mining is scalable like nothing else in EVE. Want to mine more? Grab more (mining) alts. Just park them next to you in a belt and watch you cargo value rise and rise harder each and every day.

Ratting on the other hand… Unless you have alts that are assigning drones or that are flying around afk somewhere it’s barely doable, and you probably will not earn twice of what you did before, more like 60-70% more, whereas with mining you will just about double your isk/hour.

That said, mining doesn’t bring isk into the pool, it brings product into the pool which in turn should make isk worth more (cause more stuff and less money = higher money value). So the 60 trillion isk coming in from mining isn’t actually isk coming into the economy, it is value coming into the economy.

there’s a lot of it depends. With a bunch of accounts and a null super umbrella multiboxing rorquals is going to give a ton of income, but in highsec with a few accounts mining is going to suck. And a lot of inbetweens.

FW missions have a lot of variability depends on which tier each militia is and what systems they control. High tier you get a lot of LP, but that LP is usually pretty low value, I guess the question is what’s the overall value? I haven’t run FW missions so I can’t say. Also if you can afford to hold that LP till the tiers shift you can cash out at a much better value. Also sounds like you can decently multibox FW missions.

As for some other content:
General missions: pretty easy to multibox burners for 200-300 mil/hr per account needs ~20 mil focused SP to get going on each character and a decent investment in ships.

t4/5 abyss sounds like it’s not that hard to 3 box these with frigs. sounds like 600m-1b/hr with these. Bit less single boxing with one cruiser.

trading, 600T moves through the forge each month, a fairly small claim on that is a lot of isk.

production: again a lot of isk but also can cost a lot to get going. A lot of the value is in build components but a few percent profit margin can be pretty nice.

Personally I did a lot of burner missions and then mostly trading/production to build my wealth. Been meaning to try FW, at high tier the LP is crazy and I can afford to hold til the tiers swing. Also probably going to try 3 boxing frigate Abyssal space soon.

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It isn’t just high tier, anything from Tier 3 up was nice in terms of LP rewards(I think tier 3 was 50k per mission and tier 4 was 75k LP per mission, but it has been a while so I might be misremembering). I used to make about 1-1.5 million LP for 2-3h work per day - basically 1 mission for each FW agent in a faction (so 15 or so total). Not sure why another poster said they were boring, I think they must have thought FW missions were FW plexes (they are entirely a different thing).

The real problem that so many struggled to overcome was cashing out. Many people, myself included at one point, were sitting on millions of LP without an easy way to cash them out. However, the trick as I eventually learned is not to cash out immediately, particularly if the faction is at a high tier, because everyone else is doing the same. Instead, wait for the tier to drop, and the datacore offers would rise to about 1k-1.2k isk per LP. Now, that isn’t 2-3k LP I’ll grant you, but you have to remember you were earning 500k-750k LP per hour, and cashing that amount of LP out without crashing a market is very difficult. Datacore demand is so high that it would be harder (but not impossible) to crash a market. So you just wait until the cash out price is of a level you were happy with and then cash out to buy orders at that point, I think I settled for 1k per LP in the end (more than ammo for the large part and you don’t need to manufacture/buy the t1 ammo first).

edit - this is why some fw mission runners started to farm missions for opposing sides. So that no matter which side was in the ascendancy, there was another side whose tier was much lower and hence their LP was worth more. So you’d farm say Minmatar and not cash out the LP. Then when the Minmatar tier dropped you’d start cashing out your minmatar LP and start running FW missions for Amarr. Then when Amarr dropped, you’d switch again.

edit 2 - I’d say the isk per hour is broadly equivalent to running level 5’s. But, it takes a lot of patience to cash out profitably.

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