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Yes I know this has been asked 1000s of times before and believe me I’ve done my research. See I took a short break from Eve recently and returned to find myself really poor
So poor the ammo I use on missions is all I can buy. Missions certainly don’t make me money, I make about 100k-150k from doing a 10 minute mission. Mining is a boring way and doesn’t make me much more than missions do (around 1.5 mil every hour) in a venture of course. Exploration makes me 500k from one site and those take 30min and up to find. Gas mining is a bit iffy because I don’t have a good enough ship to destroy the NPCs so once they show up the gas site is gone. Is something not clicking, am I just being an idiot or is this the way to make isk. Btw I am not asking for player donations I have got enough of those and put those into ship fits that so far haven’t failed me once. I want to make the isk by myself.

You need to leave high sec.


I have engaged in a good amount of pvp, but everyone has navy frigates and its tough luck even in a fully outfitted ( To the best of my ability) punisher so I could go down to lowsec

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None of that really matters nor is relevant to the question you posed.

High sec is not there to help you make isk. It’s there to just give you some cute little missions to mess around with so you get used to the controls.

If your only real goal is to make isk quickly, your best bet is to skill up to a Dominix, get Heavy Drones, and join a nullsec alliance. Use their systems to farm NPC pirates. On average, you can look forward to about 45m isk per hour (15m every 20 minute ticks) once you’re decently skilled for it.

If you don’t want to do that, your next best bet is to start doing wormhole exploration, focusing specifically on Relic sites. From your opening post, it looks like you already know how to do some exploration, but all of the crap in highsec is worthless. You need to leave high and go to either nullsec or wormholes and complete Relic sites there.

Well the reason I haven’t moved to lowsec yet is because of pvp, not that I’m scared of it but that everyone else is prepared for it. Therefore if I run into anyone they would probably be able to destroy me easily. My goal is not to get isk but to make enough isk where I can buy stuff that I need. Thats all thanks for the info

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You don’t need to fight to leave highsec - you just need to be prepared to evade fights.

Scoots is right, the good ISK is outside of highsec where there is more risk. But you don’t need to fight people, and even if you had 100M SP and could affort any ship, in most cases you won’t want to. You would be in a specialized ship to do exploration or whatever, trying to get the loot while evading the predators.

Just leave highsec. Go in a cheap T1 exploration frigate and see what you can gather on a day trip! Then return to the relative safety of highsec to sell your loot and plan your next excursion.

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Exploration in null sec or WH space is one of the best ISK making activities for a newbie. Fit your ship to be able to align and warp quickly (nanofibers and inertial stabilisers) and work on paying attention to your surroundings (watch local, d-scan and overview while hacking/scanning), learn how to make safe spots, at the first sign of trouble warp to the safe spot. These are skills that’ll help later when you do move on to pvp as well.

Don’t worry too much about losing ships, a single good relic site in WH/null will pay for dozens of cheap exploration frigates. Getting blown up every so often is just the cost of doing business and once you get better at paying attention and running away, your ISK/hr moves up accordingly.

Hate to say it but yes, this; its also fairly safe if you pay attention to intel and local channels; though i did hear the triglavian conduits are ‘worth’?
Others rave that abyssal space is also $$$.

Great start. On this basis I’d be happy to throw you a quick lowsec survival crash course if you’d like to get in touch by EvE Mail. Knowledge is the real barrier here and that’s easily fixed. Don’t give up you’re miles ahead of most people by realising you need to adapt rather than assuming the game’s just broken.

Are gankers allowed to bait new players into getting themselves killed in the New Citizens board?

How do you mean?

Best way to get isk as a new player?

Fun and learning the game should be your goals, not slaving away for isk. Buy 500 plex from the EvE Online official website (or one of their few authorized resellers - off the top of my head Markeedragon gamecodes is one…Amazon might have stopped selling plex for some reason…) and sell it on the ingame market. That should be enough isk to last you quite some time as a new player.

Buy only the cheaper T1 ships, don’t spend on fancier ships or modules yet. Try different things out to get an idea of what you might like to do. Take lots of risks, lose many ships. You will learn valuable lessons beyond the price of ships. Ships are merely tools for you the player to have fun. Don’t get attached to them and don’t be afraid to lose them.

If you like trade, do that. If you like manufacturing, do that. If you like fighting other players, do that (and don’t listen to people who say you must wait “X” amount of time before getting into pvp - you can be involved in group pvp from literally day one. Of course a player is unlikely to take on a vet 1-versus-1 and win at first…in what game worth playing is that common?) You will quickly discover that many playerrs do several things at once…but don’t overwhelm yourself yet, do one thing at a time for awhile.

Join a group.

Oh, don’t be scared of that. :roll_eyes:

  1. That would be seen by the community as a pretty ridiculous thing to do…not necessarily the blowing up of new players outside of newbie zones nor baiting anyone…but the using of the New Citizens Q&A section to do it.
  2. Don’t be afraid to lose ships anyway. You should lose some…hopefully many.
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You could also go to lowsec and do combat sites and other NPC ratting. The bounties aren’t bad.

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If a newbro (in a starter corp) is killed in PvP and is not starting to rant and insult immediately, many veteran players tend to pay a nice sum of ISK for a new and even better ship.

Some years ago a player in a Merlin started to ninja loot my wrecks while I was still around in a Hurricane in Highsec - he became suspect, and three volleys later he was in his capsule. But then we started to chat, and I bought and fitted him a new Merlin and gave him some further ISK.

tl;dr: Don’t be afraid of losing T1 ships, valueable lessons are learned that way.

Dunno if you’re talking about me but I teach new players to survive lowsec all the time. It was a legitimate offer.

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