How to make isk in WH?

I recently moved into wh and need help making isk, I am only making the most isk from salvaging after my corpmates(anything that is left from a site), I realise I need to get a BC fast to be able to do combat sites.

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Why not ask your corpmates? :thinking: They seem well established so should be the best source.

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Ask your corp mates? If they don’t know how to make ISK in where they live I :person_shrugging:

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I will ask them.

Welcome to WH space! The question should be: How NOT to make ISK there?

  • Get yourself a really good exploration Frig and do hacking sites, also in neighbouring whs.

  • Learn how to mine Gas and fit some Ventures.

  • Planetary Industry is easy money, but an additional char is helpful, because your PI char needs some special skills and should not travel too much.

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Ok but I’m in a wh corp and there’s competition(except for neighboring wh).
I have been huffing gas but it doesn’t pay that good considering you are able to do explo and get more(I consider it to be a semi-active activity).
And lastly I’m a new player and struggling to do anything in the wh.

Wormholes aren’t very new player friendly, I’m not saying don’t live in one, but it won’t be easy with a low amount of skill points.

Gas, data and relic sites, salvaging after your corp pvps etc. That’s about it really at your level. Get chatting with your corp and tag along doing the harder stuff.

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I live in a wormhole too, I love the variety it provides. My ISK sources off the top of my head are:

  • Relic Sites. Through Data ones in there too. Any newer player can run these. Double this activity with scouting for your wormhole corp and updating their tripwire or whatever mapping tool they use. Get used to dscan as well.

  • Wormhole sites. Loot & salvage this stuff

  • Escalations in k-space or combat sites like rated sites. DED 4/10 5/10, etc.

  • Planetary Interaction. Too many people sleep on this and it’s such a good passive income. I probably get a free tech III every month for minimal effort.

  • Gas huffing. I do this when I am truly bored enough lol. Makes money and is worth it while you watch netflix or something.

You got the right idea with a BC, and I’d recommend a Drake, and similarly the Gila is totally worth it. Best of luck to you.

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Wait people really huff gas semi-active?

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That’s why you need several Ventures :wink:
I just watch D-Scan instead of Netflix.

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Yes but people usually hunt in c5 and c6 right?
They have valuable gas.

Some just go for valuable gas.
Some just mine what they find because they don’t like searching all day.

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That last one is me.

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