Billion isk

(Krall J'Rnlav) #1

Base on what i know that a normal capsuleer could make 1bil isk in one month
Some can even make in one week
I’ve been play eve for one month and i could only make 60mil isk atm and its painful
I do mostly exploration, discovery
Can you guys share me your way to be space rich?
Btw i don’t like station trading and mining

(Magnus Witchspace) #2

You can make 60m per hour L4 mission running. Get your skills up.

(Renji Fuji) #3

If we tell you how to get space rich, it becomes harder for us to become space rich. But an easy way to make money and learn good habits while flying is doing exploration in null and wormholes. You can make 40-50mil+ in one site if you are lucky. DED/combat sigs in low/null and maybe even highsec can be decent isk if you get lucky with drops. Low/null/wh come with the inherent risk of your ship exploding though. Also pretty sure Incursions are decent money.

(Mr Epeen) #4

I like stuff more than ISKies.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

(Kaivarian Coste) #5

The easiest way of increasing your isk is to go to low sec or null.

Since you’re an explorer, you can probably make about 20m hacking in low sec. In null sec with top tier hacking skills, you can make 100m+.

(Beast of Revelations) #6

Generally-speaking, you are going to need a somewhat higher-skill character (for some definition of “higher skill”) to make big ISK. After that, you can optionally do something like move to null-sec or whatever.

If you can run incursions (which you can do from high sec), you can make 100-mil ISK per hour. You’ll need to be able to fly certain battleships, and you’ll need a certain level of skills in gunnery, tank, etc.

(Oliver Delorean) #7

Go for low class WH, 1,2,3 and run non combat exploration sites.
Just watch out for other players!

(Krall J'Rnlav) #8

I did mostly wH and very few null
But yh I want to know more way to make isk in wh or null or anywhere
I’mma isk mosquito XD

(Beast of Revelations) #9

GOOD! GOOD! Let the ISK FLOWWWW through you!

I am strong in the ways of ISK. You, too, can learn the ways of ISK.

(Matt Benneth) #10

You can make around 50 mil per hour, maybe even more doing high sec DED sites.

(Krall J'Rnlav) #11

Please teach me master
Teach me the way of the isk-dy
Lmao pew pew pew

(Krall J'Rnlav) #12

Tell me pls
What is ded?

(Matt Benneth) #13

You really need to use google more. And look up Jonny Pew videos on youtube.

(Krall J'Rnlav) #14

Lmao I might have miss all the combat since I only watch Jonny do exploration
Thank you for guidance o7

(Agondray) #15

I can make over 2b doing some missions in 4 days, or 1b a day on incursions, right now I am making 2-3b over the course of a couple of weeks doing nothing.

(Makshima Shogo) #16

Stick to exploration and get good, sometimes you can make 1.8 bil in 1 day with exploration make sure to not be afraid of low/null sec :]

P.S. Don’t live in high sec if you want to be rich: Safety = poor

Also don’t share your main secret’s the more people know of something the less money it’ll make because everyone will be doing it.

And get really good at scanning be able to find what your looking for in a system in 30 seconds.

(JuuR Zibaoo) #17

join a corp … you get help in maing isk … dont forget important skills … maybe buy a ship from a corpmate cheap … get some metamodules for free … such stuff … learn in a team

60 mill in eve is nothing … sorry to say that

if you dont want … get beeter scanning and relic/data analycer modules … make more money


(Coleidra Harkonnen) #18

You can also add some passive ISK making with Planetary Interaction. It’s a big clic fest to set up, but once running, you can make few hundred millions a month with just a few clic per day and 1 hauling run per week. Of course, it’s much better in low/null/WH, but HS still give some good ISK for only 10 minutes per day.

(Nicole Moudaber) #19

I could make about 500m a day exploring, find a good route with free trade citadels, Just go round in circles, you will quickly find new sigs in the route so you only have to scan those.

Very easy money, fly an battle astero as no one likes to fight them and if someone is running the sites they will leave or you pop them. Take a secure can so you can leave it in space somewhere if your haul is excellent.

(Rexxar Santaro) #20

Try better.