How to reach 1 Billion Isk in your wallet

Hi all :3,

I’ve been playing Eve for about 2 weeks and kinda starting to understand the game.

I often browsing at the market and see some high level stuff price 50 to hundred million Isk. How do you reach that 1 billion isk in your balance? Because all this Level 1 and 2 mission seems need a lot of grinding to reach that high.

Any suggestions on where to start on money making journey and having stable income?

Thank you so much for your help and replies :>


Salvaging/reprocessing can add up over time and you can have it hauled to jita or closest trade hub.

Anything high priced, you most likely couldn’t use anyway being only a two week old player (depending however on how you are training your skills)

Quicker option if you choose not to grind, you can purchase 500 PLEX off CCP and sell it for roughly over 1 bil isk.

There’s also services in game you can work as well, but you’ll need to be able to do L3 missions, or fly certain ships depending if you haul it run missions for others.

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The easiest way is start by using the visa or mastercard.


Level 4 missions have a far higher rate of return than level 3. and 3 is higher than 2.

Abyssal sites can have a fair return too.

There’s no need to buy plex. feel free to ignore people who tell you you have to.


My first b ISK I didn’t make in Highsec, and I didn’t make it alone.
But it’s a nice time for a start, events tend to be rewarding.

she needs to buy plex and exchange it with isk to start. She still has no idea what your talking about. She needs a well fitted battleship for level 4 mission and well fitted cruiser for the abyss but can she clear that on first try or second try? How many ships will she lost before she can reach 1 bill? By the way she still doesn’t have the isk to buy those well fitted ship and she also need the skills.

i didn’t say she had to, i said if she chose not to grind for that B

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There are a lot of newbro/alpha friendly ways to make decent money in the game. Fortunately, people have created a billion tutorial videos. Thus, I recommend checking them out. Just do be aware that a lot of them seem to exagerate incomes in an attempt to get more views, so keep your expectations in check.

Anyway, I haven’t sat down and gone through all the channels out there, so hopefully others will come along and recommend some other great channels (and other resources). In the meantime, however, I recommend checking out DadDex.

It looks like he focuses on lowsec, but he has alpha friendly videos on ratting, exploration, and the abyss (which can be run from anywhere), and his fits are cheap. So it won’t hurt when you inevitably lose them.

if you feel reluctant into going into low, HS exploration is a good alternative. I also recommend incursions, but you’ll need 2-3 months of dedicated training (twice that if you’re an alpha) and about 350mil for a starter battleship. So, you might be a ways away for that still. Regardless, it’s a social activity, and you can earn about 125mil an hour doing it. Check out Warp To Me Incursions if you want to know more.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

P.S. You can make good money running missions, but it requires good skills and expensive fits (and being very selective about which missions you run). Thus, I really recommend taking another route.

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Please don’t tell newbros to buy plex. They won’t know how to spend it, it will likely just end up enriching the people that kill them, and it will give players the wrong impression about the game. Eve is not P2W, nor do you need to spend a bunch of money (real life currency or in-game currency) in order to be successful, win fights, or have fun.

Also, it seems that you might not be aware that there are a number of ways for newbro alphas to make decent money.


I’m just suggesting the easiest way to start but if she would love the journey of making isk. She can choose that but please don’t suggest mining :slight_smile: .

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The first and most important thing is that the more expensive ships and modules don’t make you better. Experience does that.

Find out what you enjoy doing and learn in cheap ships: the T1 Exploration ships are great, if you lose one then it’ll cost you 5-10m ISK total, and you’ll get that sort of ISK out of a single site in a wormhole, or a good low or nul sec site. Flying Nightmare is not much better than flying an Apocalypse worth a third the price for a Level 4 mission (and the Nightmare has more training to be a better ship).
If you are flying something worth billions then you will be too nervous and worried about the loss. I’m worth tens of billions and I’ll think twice before spending 500m ISK on a ship.

T2 modules are worth it over the Compact/Scoped/Enduring ones, especially T2 weapons and defences. And compared to the Faction and Deadspace modules they are cheap.

T2 ships are about specialisation: they are extremely effective at some tasks, but outside those niches they are expensive liabilities. I use a Triglavian HAC with faction modules for Abyssal sites: but it makes me risk adverse.

So, ISK and stable incomes.
I’d recommend exploration, fit a cheap ship - a Heron since you are Caldari and head into lo-sec or (better) have a look in Wormholes. is handy as a reference (some sites are guarded and the Heron isn’t a fighing ship). Brush up your hacking skills in high sec first if you want, but the rewards are in dangerous places!
Watch d-scan (keep firing it regularly) and keep an eye on what is happening around you. Your heart will race and your holds will fill. Remember: it’s not worth anything until you can get it safe and sold!
That is an area where the T2 ships help, and a T2 frigate - the Buzzard - does help since it has better bonuses and can fit a covert ops cloak (hide with pride!).

I made my ISK through industry: I find all that economics and business management stuff interesting - yep, I’m the one of the “it’s a game of internet spreadsheets” people. Learning T1 industry, making basic stuff to sell is a good starting point and a steady income (drones and ammunition). I mainly specialise in T2 modules and their supply chains. I enjoy it, and I’m lucky that it also gives me a good income - but that comes through experience of what sells and what doesn’t (i.e. what can I make a profit on). That’s hard won knowledge (so don’t ask!!!).
There are many good niches for earning ISK - the obvious easy, boring ones which everyone goes for are not where the money is, rarity, risk and specialisation is where the rewards are.

Importantly: ISK is not a score, and the game is about enjoyment not earning a living. Only fly what you can afford - I’ve lost billion ISK ships (silly overestimation of a situation) and it’s not a nice feeling.


i made my first billions doing explo in null

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I made it to first few B with nullsec exploration (intact armor plates). But the big money I made from manufacturing, BPC selling, patch speculation, and events.

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Hisec missions are a terrible way to make large amounts of ISK without scaling with tons of alts. If you want to reach the 10th digit of your wallet, you’ll want to move onto better ISK making methods. Unfortunately though, most of those methods aren’t available in hisec and/or require much more skill (SP, usually not piloting skill) than someone 2 weeks into eve will have. Incursions, hauling, and abyssals can all make very big money but incursions need plenty of SP, starting ISK, and willingness to wait hours to get in the queue and be in voice chat while doing the pve. Hauling needs lots of starting ISK too and some better ships.

Abyssals can potentially be a good starting point for a newbie like you though. I’d suggest you hop on over to the Abyssal Lurkers chat in-game and join the Abyssal Lurkers discord. The people in there can help you get started with running abyssal deadspace sites and making dank ISK for someone 2 weeks into eve. Do expect to have to train a few weeks of skills to get started though, and probably a minimum of like 50M ISK to invest at the start.

Yeah, totally right!
I propose to escalate: first Million (first day), first twenty Millions to afford a Cruiser (10 days), first 100m (a month), first Battleship (three months), first Billion (>6 months).
The times mentioned are about my real time development, nice and easy and way too much Highsec, of course you can reach it much faster, but many don’t reach it at all.
Be aware I always had ships and modules five to ten times worth my wallet, so my first billion was in fact my first >6 b ISK mark :wink:

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@Gaming513_Tyler @Tipa_Riot @Terak_Romaller @Shipwreck_Jones @Neo_Bladedrifter @Steve_Ronuken @Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras

Thank you so much for the suggestion and the tips from all of you guys! :blush: :two_hearts: :pray:

For the meantime i am still not sure if i wanted to go omega or spend some money to buy plex , but im enjoying the game as an alpha so far.

From what you guys discussing, high-sec seems not so much profitable since my skill level point so low and the best bet is to try venture to low-sec do exploration or ratting. Like you could go to abyssal but i still have no confident in my frigate/destroyer :sweat_smile:

So in the meantime i tried to watch tutorial like Aceface n Reload in youtube, it making me understanding more about the mechanics and other peripheral.

Once again thx for the help! going to settle in Jita to get better selling prices, Wish me luck :3

Fly safe everyone! and if any of you guys still have any suggestion and tips im still here trying to learn the game :relaxed:



That’s the most important bit.

You don’t have to be in Jita, I’m based in Amarr and I’m very happy there. The prices vary from Jita prices, some things are cheaper, some are more expensive. But that’s the Empire for you.
I’ve also lived around Hek/Rens and that was fine, but you were aware of the occasional shortages as an Amarr focused pilot.
By you are Caldari, so Jita is a reasonable call.

Most definitely: Good luck, fly as safely as you wish and May his Light guide your path.

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Hi there I’m also a new player I started with the G something faction. I believe they are more industry and they do something called armour tanking.

So I was having a lot of fun at least learning the basics of probing in finding wormholes. I noticed you link the site there with information. I was told that pretty much everything will attack me and the only good places to go are the ones with pirate names.

But after reading that site which is still a little confusing it sounds like there are data sites and places like that that would have nothing at all there.

Is that correct can I from high sector go through a wormhole and then say maybe another Wormhole or two and find actual places to scan and hack without any kind of NPC’s attacking me?

Firstly, welcome to New Eden. This may be a bit of an Eve answer. Yes.
And possibly No.
With a bit of “sort of”…

Wormhole link to systems in Anoikis that are categorised by class. C1 to C6. C1 being the least “hostile”. Rewards being greater in the more difficult environments - though generally they are pretty good.
What system you are in can be found using the databases at:


In C1-C3 class wormhole systems there are normal pirate sites, such as Sansha data clusters (or whatever they are called - they’ll have a pirate NPC faction name in them). These are unguarded and very much like the sites you will encounter in hi-sec Empire space. They will be harder to hack, but the rewards of a successful hack are greater.
Other sites will be guarded by NPCs that will make short work of an exploration ship.

That’s the “Yes” in C1-C3 Anoikis/wormhole systems.
And “No” in C4 and higher systems.
And the “Sort of” is that all wormholes are lawless space where another player may be in the same system and hunting you. Use D-scan and keep alert. There is no list of “who is in system” in local chat.

Wormholes from high-sec space tend only to go to the easier Anoikis systems, with the harder ones being found by running through multiple wormholes.
Some wormholes will take you directly elsewhere in New Eden to any system at any security level.
A wormhole will always connect the same places until it expires - so going back through it takes you back to where you started and vice versa.

Hopefully that helps. It’s worth going and having a look. But stay alert - the tension is good!

The Gallente. They specialise in immoral actvities surprisingly blobby ships and active armour tanking with drones as a main weapon system alongside hybrid turrets. There’s nothing to stop you trying and using the ships and weapons of other factions - indeed, if you are used to one weapon, changing is an interesting experience.
All races can do industry - feel free to reach out to me if you need assistance/advice.

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