How to make your first billion isk…

So, in asking about various ships and fittings that I might train into for various tasks, people tend to give answers that involve 2+ billion dollar ships when you figure in their proposed fittings and all. And this is fine, it gives me something to shoot for, but if my question is: “I’d like to run 4/10 DED sites to make isk, what’s a good ship for that” and the answer is a 2.5 billion ship… well, if I need a 2.5 billion isk ship to make isk, how do I make that 2.5 billion isk in the first place? It seems everyone is able to tell you how to make money once you already have money, but what about making it from scratch?

Gas Huffing Venture I hear is good for starting out


There are Video series how to start Abyssal running in a cheap T1 frig and earning the ISK for the next better ship class and fit until you can run T5/T6.

You can do that with basically every starter skills or ship type just chose the type of filament that your weapon system can run nicely.

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also came here to say gas huffing


I made my first billion, ninja looting and ninja salvaging other people’s missions. Without their permission. Came across a couple of MTU’s that gobbled up their owners ships, with other 800 mil isk worth of named mods.


gank a miner, take their stuff, easy billion


I made my first couple of billion as the ‘resident newb’ writing articles for TheMittani dot com (predecessor of Imperium News Network, now defunct). I stopped as it was so close to my day job that EVE felt like ‘work’… Not exactly a helpful answer I’ll grant you.

One method also I used in my early days was looting and salvaging in heavily ratted systems in the nullsec area I was in at the time. Most site runners don’t bother to pick up their wrecks aside from Faction spawns. So I’d bookmark every combat anomaly in the system, wait ~15 minutes then warp to the ones that had despawned, drop an MTU and salvage away. Made a decent amount of ISK doing that. Make sure to separate out the valuable meta modules before selling the rest en-masse to be reprocessed.

Beg in Jita. :wink:

While I’m not opposed to ganking in principle, it still sounds like an activity a new solo player can’t effectively do, especially if you expect a big payout… but correct me if I’m wrong :slight_smile:

You are wrong.

If you do it for the love of the sport, the money will follow. Not every gank has a big payout, but there are some really dumb whales out there with expensive drones and unexpected stuff in their cargo hold.

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Perhaps “correct me if I’m wrong” indicates an invitation to do more than simply acknowledging that I’m wrong, but explaining the nature of my misunderstanding :slight_smile:

Perhaps you can enlighten me as to how a newbie could expect to do enough damage quickly enough to yank someone capable enough to have something worth taking…

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I will be happy to teach you to play EvE Online. Please send one billion isk for training fees and academy tuition, and I will provide you a complete walkthrough, with tips and tricks of the masters, all yours at no cost. Satisfaction GUARANTEED.


You are the human embodiment of “value added,” my friend. I’m certain of it.

In high sec, there’s a lot of haulers that do not do basic ISK/EHP cargo calculations and do not understand the basic principle of “it costs a ganker X ISK to deal Y EHP to my ship”. There’s a profit to be made in those margins.


The way it starts is totally up to you!

A Capsuleer such as yourself could set an achievable goal of reaching your 1st Billion Isk that could involve Trial and error or take the easy way as explained in the above.

/note read closely what intel tells you about what is a scam and what isn’t.

I thought my ship was blinged out and it’s never over 1 bil. I do ghost data sites and combat anomalies, unrated, 3/10, 4/10 and 5/10s in highsec.

You can start from 1/10 - 3/10 in a destroyer or an assault frigate.

Bling lets you do sites faster, it helps against competition. When I started doing 4/10s I finished site in 15+ minutes in Omen navy issue, in Phantasm now it only takes 5. And I’m able to “steal” commanders from some unfortunate Gilas and Praxii.

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And once you have that you spend it on a mining permit. :upside_down_face: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

No, I did not do that!

It wasn’t until I had reached 1 trillion. :grinning: :congapartyparrot: :partly_sunny: :partying_face:

But I was talking about OP not you. :wink: