Just started playing again, wondering if exploration is still a good way to get some early isk?


Haven’t played for 5 years, wondering if much has changed as far as exploration being one of the best initial isk generators.

It can be quite lucrative but is chance based. some sites will be valuable, some just lumps of carbon. Exploration rewards are material - you need to get them to market and sell it for ISK.

At the moment, Nullsec ratting is essentially a license to print ISK and the skill requirement isn’t that high - Vexor Navy Issue is the most popular platform. CCP has introduced changes to dial this back a bit but this will be a slow, iterative process. Still plenty of ISK to be made.

At the moment its really bad, lots of scanning and running sites with no loot for day’s.

@Colez_Noctume Yes, you can run Known Space Pirate Relic sites in c1 - c3 wormholes. These still drop decent loot.

As someone who just got back into the game recently, I do find exploration to be one of the easiest ISK generators to get into and requires little ISK or skills to start.

You’ll want to equip a cloak and focus on wormholes and null sec space for sites. You’ll be killed sometimes but even one successful run will pay


If you are skilled and know what you are doing, you can make a lot of isk.

Colez - I’m pretty new to this whole Eve thing and initially exploration was the thing that really grabbed my interest. I liked the idea of zipping around taking down some data or relic sites. In the early going (maybe 3 or 4 weeks ago) I found plenty of sites in high to mid sec areas that paid out “decently” for a new player. If you come across the “covert” data sites you can make some serious isk, but you need to be fast and flawless. Otherwise, the NPCs show up and blow you to bits.

Since that time though, I have had countless nights of exploration where I am going 20+ and in two cases 30+ jumps to find anything of value. Found myself getting more frustrated than anything. Since then I have been working on the Agents missions (Just finished and epic arc with SoS.) Have also dipped into hauling for my corp as well.

If you’re going to stick with exploration doing what some above me have said might be your best bet. Low sec and C1-C3 WHs as long as you’re using a covert cloak, and you know how to set up “safe spots,” and you should be fine.

Good luck and fly safe!

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Well, I did some Highsec Data sites with my new Char and made 100m ISK in 2 days.
Then one of the highsec sites blew up, and 25m were gone. Anyway, peek into wormholes, these sites are better, but more risk. And don’t forget to bookmark the entry hole!

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