1 BILLION isk/hour

Is there any activity that pays better than 1 billion isk per hour in Eve online? Since minimum wage in most 1st world countries is over $10 per hour, is there any point to actually playing eve for isk since you can just get everything quicker by working for one hour IRL and then converting the money to isk? Or is this game just for people who have too much free time and want the responsibilites and life-sucking qualities of having a 2nd job without the monetary gain attached?


Cute troll attempt.


entitled? I LOVE games where you have to spend hours and hours grinding. In fact, those are usually my most played games. What I don’t love is when the most effective method for progressing in the game comes from activities outside the game.


So you mean pretty much all modern MP gaming…

Ok then…moving on…

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My current game that I’m trying to get away from because of poor customer service and development decisions is World of Tanks. In that game it takes hundreds of hours to get a tier 10 (the highest tier tank). I love that. And there are ways to make it easier. For example if you pay $10 a month you get experience 50% quicker. However, you can’t buy experience for money. You have to play games to get experience. And money will make it easier, but it won’t be a substitute. Or like Battlefield games where you level up by playing. You can’t just pay to reach a certain level. Or like COD games where again you have to play to rank up. You can’t buy a rank with money. Or like Apex Legends where you rank up by playing. Some things you may be able to buy with money, but you won’t be able to buy everything with money in most multiplayers.

And while money provides advantages in multiplayer games, they aren’t a complete substitute when it comes to progressing in the game.

Am I wrong? Why do the biggest Eve players describe it as a 2nd job and refer to quitting the game as “winning EVE”?


Look at Mr. Moneybags with his humblebrag 1b/ISK hour :slightly_frowning_face:


1b per hour is pretty low, 50 rorqual accounts can yield about 5b per hour.
Edit: plus you can keep scaling this up basically indefinitely, or as much as your computer can handle. Every 10 rorquals is 1b/hour

I was just providing an example of what’s possible for a 15 year old in high school. I just recently got an entry level job after graduating college so I’m making about $20 an hour. Which is around the average pay in the U.S.

Or you just, you know, buy gold with money earned with activities outside the game.

You have to play games to get experience

You are talking about two different things now…otherwise known as “moving the goalposts”…

So I’ll stop there as clearly this is going nowhere…

Sometimes it’s not even for the ISK an hour but just an excuse to undock and be out doing stuff. Sometimes the PVP will come to you!

Maybe you misunderstood. You can buy gold, and gold will buy you certain tanks, but for tier 10 tanks, you need experience. Gold does not buy you experience. It is impossible to exchange money for experience in World of Tanks.

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The problem with this is you need to have the resources to simultaneously play 50 accounts at once. Which the vast majority of people do not have and would be cost prohibitive. However, 8 is more likely. So with 8 you would be making the equivalent of $8 per hour while also risking a substantial amount of isk. Compared to minimum wage where you make $10 an hour with zero risk.

Maybe you misunderstood so I will just quote you directly…

if you pay $10 a month you get experience 50% quicker

but for tier 10 tanks, you need experience

So your OP premise is EXACTLY matched here.

is there any point to actually playing eve for isk since you can just get everything quicker by working for one hour IRL

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Money decreases the amount of time it takes to get experience. It is not a complete substitute since you still have to play a certain amount of games to get the required experience. In EVE money is a perfect substitute for every isk making activity. In other words it doesn’t simply speed up isk making activities. It replaces them entirely.

If you want to dump RLM into ISK then you are free to do so. Most games also let you do this (to a point, granted).

The main point of EVE has always been that real experience/knowledge is what makes you good, not the bling you fly.

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Well, if you can’t invest the money into the necessary infrastructure how are you supposed to make money? Using tons of rorqual accounts is probably the fastest active way to make money, so either you go for a ton of rorqual alts or you’re stuck at 1b/hour.

Anyone who plays for ISK is turning a game into a second job. Play for fun and ISK will come with most activities. As you mentioned grind an hour or two IRL and you can cover your costs even if you only do PvP thus do not generate ISK in-game. With an hour or few each month you can cover the cost of Omega clone state and the ships you lose, if you are bad at PvP (initially or even if you never learn) and/or prefer to fly blingy stuff (within reason still) then you might have to spend another work hour or two worth of cash on the game to cover the excessive losses each month. Sounds pretty sensible time/effort/cost per hours of fun ratio to me.


Coming from Australia I’m lucky that this is true, however I think it over-estimates how much people get paid as minimum wage in parts of the first-World.

If you look at even relatively wealthy countries like The Netherland and Belgium, the mimimum wage is currently EUR 1615 and EUR 1593 per month. For 22 days of work, that works out at about the EUR 10 per hour, but they are relatively well off countries.

Look further east in Europe and the minimum wage is much lower. For example:

Serbia: EUR 308 per month (ie. ~EUR 14 per work day)
Czechia: EUR 519 per month (ie. ~EUR 24 per day)
Russia: Rub 11,280 per month (ie. ~USD 179 per month, or about USD 8 per day, or about USD 1 per hour)

Once necessities like food, accommodation and transport are taken out, there isn’t a lot left for some people as far as expendible income goes.

I think this is part of the reason high PLEX prices draw frequent threads and the bot problem is never ending.

Even low paid people want a bit of entertainment, and if they are in to EVE, earning ISK in game is sometimes the only way they can achieve that.

You essentially are buying experience for money. If you are getting 50% more experience, then half of that experience you are raking in, is bought by money.

And youve obviously never heard of people paying other people to boost their accounts.

Heres a great article showing how it isnt Pay to win in EVE.


Again, people buy and sell accounts for games all the time.

The thing to understand is, you have to enjoy playing the game. If your sense of enjoyment comes from doing things that just also happen to pay the bills and allow you to rake in billions of ISK, then great. But in EVE, you can have just as much fun in a cheap, shitty ship.

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