How much eve for what you love to do? If what you love to do is pvp?

Just wondering how long it takes for you to play eve in order to have fun(which ends up me losing ships) in eve?

For instance.

I can do Anoms in Null, and can earn 40-60 mill an hour on average (just talking normal combat sites, that are not scanned down)

I can mine and make roughly 20 - 200 mill an hour (20+ is 2 chars one porp and one hulk. 200+ is two hulks on a R64 with perfect boosts)

I could do abyssals and make 20 - 60 mill an hour (these are not the Jacked out Bling fits that make Tons per hour)

There are other opportunities in Eve, but just like as with the above paths, it’s all dependent on Time and place.

Now the average Frig( hullsT1) goes for 150K to 1.4mill

Average Cruiser (hulls T1) goes for 10.8 mill to 27.3 mill

Average Battleship (hulls T1) goes for 284 mill to 467 mill

I feel that the prices are getting higher and higher, and it feels I either take smaller ships or have to do more of the above to get in bigger ships.

Lil bit bout me, I have been around since 05, but it seems some of the top tier activity(capitals or Rorqual) you have to have multiple accounts

for capital combat its your capital, plus a scout/cyno ship

for Rorqual, it,s rorq pilot + cyno ship + barge characters if you plan to operate in the positive

Again for some of you, you just Credit Card the whole thing, more power to ya. I at this time do not want to pay 40+ dollars a month for this game

But what are your thoughts and what do you do to do what you do? :slight_smile:

What’s worth more to you: $40 that can buy a 1,000 PLEX package that you can exchange for 5 billion ISK, or the 50 hours of labor you’d need to put in (assuming a comfortable pace of 100 million ISK per hour grinding) in order to earn the same in-game?

Even if you live in the shittiest place, with the shittiest minimum wage laws, $40 (or the international equivalent) would be equal to around 5 hours of work.

Grinding ISK in-game only makes sense for third-worlders who live in places where $40 is equivalent to their weekly salary. And yet I’ve met countless people who settle in to “make some iskies” after coming home from their middle-class jobs in their middle-class neighborhoods to wage-slave their way through a video game in order to make pennies on the dollar, while ignoring their wives and children. Mind you, making video game money that they’ll lose to piracy because they have no idea how to do anything in the game aside from mining a high-sec belt or running a level 4 mission.

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Some people don’t seem to get that other people play a game as a game. Which means that your game activity supports your other in-game activities.

If you need to throw in a constant stream of cash to support your game activity, you’re not really playing the game as it stands. You’re constantly buying boosts to maintain a playstyle that you can’t actually support.

That’s fine for people who need that. For myself, if a game can’t be played within it’s existing framework with a reasonable expenditure to support the developers, then I assume the game is broken or a scam.

As for the OP, what do I do to do what I do?

I play the parts of any game that I enjoy, and I limit my activities to what I can naturally afford as a result.

If my income stream was the same as yours, that would indicate that my normal “funding” activities could support as many T1 frigates as I cared to expend, and a fair number of cruisers, and the occasional pirate ship or BC or BS.

In which case I’d limit myself to things that could be done with many T1 frigates, or a fair number of cruisers, or the occasional pirate ship/BC/BS. Which is still a lot of things, in EVE.

What I don’t do, is focus on activities that I can’t naturally afford, and throw cash at it until the numbers balance.


Most darn accurate thing on this forum by far.

PVPers have a way to make the ISK to fund their lifestyles. Some build their gear, some do PVE. Noone truly is only doing STRICTLY PVP in New Eden. Plenty of end game ISK creation methods in New Eden if you want to go and PVP in your golem/BS weekly.

Yes, even the gankers build their ships/gear. :exploding_head:


This is just fundamentally untrue. For example, I haven’t touched PvE since those 100 or so C3 sites I ran back in 2009. PvP can be self-sustainable in certain ways; it depends on the perspective from which you approach it. If your idea of PvP is to fit 20 copies of the same ship and go and yeet them all to random null-sec response fleet hot-drops (as I often see recommended on the forums), then of course you’ll need to supplement that with grind time. But if you properly pick and plan your engagements, and go after a mix of willing and unwilling targets, you don’t need to do any PvE at all.


My logic is based on the fact that PVP is everywhere. Despite how low the risk is. It’s like one big shade of grey between PVE/PVP that was my point should have included this.

Agreed seen some big loot drops.

I do a variety of PVE activities here on my main to fund whatever I feel like doing.

I’m starting to dabble in PVP on an alt, ganking right now, thinking on trying out FW and maybe low sec piracy a little later, currently training another alt for it.

I sub one of my two accounts and grind plex for the other. I always grind plex one month in advance so that if I don’t feel like playing much, I can go Alpha and have the plex on hand for when I feel like playing a lot again.

A huge chunk of my income comes from my low sec PI farms and BP research, it nearly pays for my plex and I don’t have to do too much grinding, maybe 5-6 hours a month. It would be a lot less if I could do high tier abyssals but my internet is just too crap.

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Thank you all for the responses, but how long does it take you. I too agree that all parts should be enjoyable. Though that’s really hard when you been in the game since 05. Not impossible though.

Thanks again for the responses

At least you’re not this guy:

Roughly 4-5 hours a month of things I only do for the ISK.

i try to make some isk from pvp (like a true pirate). i’ve kept a container in my hangar of all the loot i collect (mainly from miners and explorers outside of high sec). i’ve made 3 billion isk this year. not too shabby.

edit: it’s actually closer to 8b. i collected 5b from dropped skins and blueprints as well.

Is the question how much isk does it take you to pvp in the way that you like?
7-10b per week just to keep up with the bills.

Not sure what answer you are looking for … but I found a pretty organic playstyle for me which doesn’t require more than 2h a session. I’m fooling around FW and Pochven in my Hecate engaging stuff, loot stuff. Sometimes I kill, sometimes I die. Also go on friends’ fleets as DPS. Do the regular events. This is what I like doing, and could sustain itself. I also love to manufacture and play market imbalances from time to time.

Looking at my KB this is all quite cheap, plus sec tags my expenses are about 2-3B a month.

This thread there are no “wrong” answers

For me currently, when I went to Horde from Goons, I tried a brand new playstyle for me. When I was in Goons I FC’d on average about 10 fleets a month. And my alliance rewarded me for that effort, over here in Horde they do it a lil differently, and I’m now rewarded for my different efforts.

But I remember a time ago, that I could do things casual like and easily afford BC’s and down, with the occasional T2 destroyer and above.

but now, I look at fitting a simple T1 Blackbird, and looking at 30-40 mill. a fitted T1 destroyer 20-30 mill

And BC’s and above I’m looking at hundreds of millions. I Like my “good time” to be the majority with some casual grind to keep me in the black.

It’s just not like that anylonger.

If you main goal in this game is doing PVP then I do not see the point in going Null-Sec.
Go for faction warfare instead. There - once you know what you are doing - you can easily fund your PVP with the LP and loot you earn while doing PVP. Really no need to do anything else, if you do it right.

I dont understand the question.

Is it to do with eaning isk = fun and converting that into Funs per Hour?

Im having fun with EvE even when Im not logged in in that case.

If its to do with how long it takes to earn a ship to go have adventures in, well if you cant have adventures in any ship then there’s something wrong with your imagination chip.


I love doing all sorts of things in EVE. Trying to make new fits in Pyfa, posting on the forums, reading up on upcoming changes, keeping track of the politics, trying to figure out obscure game mechanics… I might even undock every once in a while to blow up ships.

I cannot get myself to play ‘to earn XX mil an hour’ though. Unless it’s to figure out if I can do havens in a polarized bomber, or something else I want to try, I get bored while ratting really soon. I may sometimes go out to haul my PI around, do some exploration for fun or sell whatever I have looted, and that generally pays for the few ships I lose.


Think of EVE like a CASINO.

If you are unable to have fun with pennies & dimes, get out.

Only then, you might or may not like it.

Some peeps really enjoy this game. But in my experience, those who are most satisfied, can have same levels in phriggots and mewrowdars equally.

There are others… which adrenaline only flows by risking a small (or large) fortune.

For me, I can hardly feel comfortable in a big rig. And it’s not for being unable to handle it… it’s just that teamwork is directly proportional to ship sizes in EVE. I like to be my only responsibility… so, I fly light, quick, cheap and useful… the killmarks come alone. I rather die, that drag anything to demise.


I kinda like this formula. And I’m horrid at it!

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Me either. I don’t care if someone ‘makes 500m ISK an hour’ as I could be spending that hour doing something else and it only takes a few minutes to extract some Walletanium from my wallet…and we’re talking less than the price of a pint of beer. I simply can’t be bothered grinding.

I guess Eve needs someone to do the mining…but ‘pay to win’ people such as myself also play a useful role in that all those PLEX people use to PLEX their accounts ultimately come from the ‘pay to win’ people buying PLEX online ( which get sold and converted to ISK ).