Rejoining EvE

Hey hey, not played in a while so wanted to ask a few questions before getting back in.

How’s botting? Last time I was here, bots were a large portion of pop, making raw resources very abundant and space uncontested but making everything expensive to non-botting users.

PvP? 1v1s were very rare, large scale pvp was just larger blob wins and everything felt unimportant since even battleships are pretty cheap and there was nothing to fight over on a large scale. Was wondering if changes to moons or abyss changed that.

Is it worth the time to pve now? Before I could just work an hour and get ~2bil, or grind Incursions and get 250mil making pve seem pretty pointless too.

Thanks in advance


No one knows.

This is a lie because no player actually would know this information.

Define “meaningful” first. Ship loss is still permanent, if that’s what you’re asking.

It’s no different now. If all you do is join Bomber’s Bar / Spectre Fleet roams, then that’s all you’re gonna get. Whether or not there’s other forms of combat is up to you to find, EVE being a sandbox and all.

Depends on what you think is “worth”, really, no one can answer that question for you, but we can give you estimates for isk/hr and such.

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  • Botting is down. Economy is getting better.
  • Solo is probably more rare than before.
  • Mining is paying more. Other pve hasn’t changed much. Aside from that plex is much cheaper than it was.

Maybe slightly better today than in the past, but still bad, especially from the null-sec ratting perspective.

PvP is arguably worse. There’s an ever-increasing focus on the N+1 solution to PvP these days. Also, a lot of avenues for more piracy-oriented activities have been consistently nerfed over the years. So much so, in fact, that CCP had to create special NPC forces that are taking over for players in the destruction department, because of how badly the needle swung in the “safety” direction.

PvE has improved, in my opinion. Now, I don’t know how you could make 2 billion in an hour before (certainly not consistently), but there are many types of content to choose from today. Abyssal sites can be fun (though instancing isn’t in the spirit of EVE).

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Sorry, by 2bil an hour I mean by PLEXing. Thanks for the heads up on the 1v1 situation though, seems to be agreed upon, but I guess that’s the nature of EvE.
Going to do some more research into sov alliances then will decide if I can be bothered to be blobbed or not. Thanks for the reply.

Possibly look into wormhole or low-sec PvP groups instead.

You are coming in at the tail-end of the Triglavian invasions. The current chapter is super boring, but the next chapter will probably wrap it up and create some interesting changes.

Incursions are not great these days, they reduced their frequency or something. Nullsec has been turned into a giant wealth factory - they are having a big war and it barely moves the needle in terms of overall destruction in the game.

Nobody is sure what the next few months will bring, but there are likely to be some interesting opportunities.

Ah, that sucks I guess. I saw the financial recap and saw incursion isk faucet of incursions plummet by like 60%. Null ratting is now the only isk faucet by a huge margin. Guess it’s time to join the botters.

CCP is going to extreme measures right now to crush mining, industry, and market revenues. They haven’t touched NPC bounties yet, for some reason. If you look at their economic charts, there was a massive problem with excess wealth.

You are coming back at a perfect time. Six months ago people were making easy fortunes running Triglavian sites. CCP shut that off for the current phase, but whatever they add next is sure to be a big moneymaker.

And they probably never will. I totally envision that if they tried, there would be a CCP dev corpse floating in the bay outside their HQ that week.


I don’t mine, but from what I read, the shakeup they did there is almost a complete redefinition of the supply-side game.

My guess is that CCP has something truly revolutionary planned with respect to NPC bounties, but they aren’t sure whether they have the balls to introduce it, so they are sitting on their hands.

It would have to be truly revolutionary, because it’s not like they can just get rid of them; the game needs ISK faucets.

At the same time, they can’t make a blanket nerf on income generation, since it would affect legitimate earners just as much as the bots.

The solution would need to target bots specifically, and I’m not sure that’s possible, since pretty much anything can be automated via OCR.

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I labor under no such intellectual baggage. Bots and botlike behavior can be punished together.

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‘bot-like behaviour’ is just describing pve though

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Bot Like Behavior?

I’ve seen that term used as an excuse and tossed around these forums quite a lot yet I’ve never seen anybody actually define the actions done to ascertain that it is bot-like.

James 315 wrote up a pretty concise treatise on the subject.

A few years ago I thought about ideas to combat ratting bots (which annoyed me a lot when I hung out in NPC null-sec). Something that came to mind was making only specific ships in any given spawn pay out in terms of bounties and loot, but having no way to differentiate between the ones that do and don’t via the overview, brackets, et cetera. For example, certain ships could have physical marks or emblems painted on in random places, and players would have to manually look at the ships in order to locate those markings. If the marked ships aren’t destroyed first, then they warp away. This would enable players to reach close to 100% efficiency in ratting, while hurting bots, which would only be able to approach the process randomly (OCR would be difficult, if not impossible, to pull off on random markings in random spots on 3D ship models).

I mean, bots can use server call logs to figure out if a cloaked ship lands on grid (this came up a while back, iono if it’s been fixed), so there’s likely going to HAVE to be some way for the server telling the client “hey, X Y and Z ships have bounties, therefore, client, render the special mark on these ships”, and the bot can just read those call logs.

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Sorry, not interested in reading any propaganda. However I’d appreciate it if you could just list the actions that indicate Bot-Like Behavior.

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