How long does it take you to bounce back from a battleship loss?


So was just wondering, it’s been a Rather long time I use a Battleship for PvP or PvE for that matter.

I took a look at my price for my Lvl 4 Domi i have parked in High sec had an alt do a price check in Jita and realized roughly it would take me a bit. don’t have exact number cause it’s been years since i actually did a lvl 4.

Now something I do know is doing a max anomaly in Null sec. I used to do blood Sanctums when i was a Goon, now I do Drone Hordes as Horde. And for that, As I just did one today, from Warp out to warp in with my salvager it took me 35+ minutes(warp out to anom, drop MTU, Kill Everything, warp back, get into salvage ship, warp back out to mtu, tractor along side mtu, salvage everything, scoop mtu, warp back) netted me about 30 million (bounties and Salvage as Dronelands do not give loot) If I lose the Domi it would take about 15 - 20 sites. Which equates to just under 9 hours up to 10 hours(of course this assumes I get no escalations or faction spawns)

Mining and explo I’m willing to be it could take 10 minutes to 10+ hours to replace?

Who about for you folks, how long does it take you to replace the ship you use for whatnot.

To make the money for a new T1 Battleship (T2 fitting), probably a bit over an hour. Counted in all the semi-passive income sources from manufacturing, PI, reactions, trade that run constantly in the background with pretty little time-investment required… even less.

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We’re talking roughly, what, a billion ISK battleship?

One PLEX is roughly 5 million ISK, so you need about 200 PLEX.

CCP Games sells 250 PLEX for $12.49.

A few populous states in the US have a minimum wage at or above $15.

So you can replace your battleship loss by taking a minimum wage job for an hour, having 50 PLEX to spare and some pocket change.

If you have a salaried white collar job I’m sure you can get the money for the PLEX for the ISK during the time spent going to the restroom.





the bounce back may require some breathing in/out meditation session :stuck_out_tongue:

then revenge plotting phase commence…

but before it all starts it’s worth to remeber golden rule #1:
“never fly what you can not afford to replace” :sleepy:


As long as it takes to whip out your Visa…


I’m not going to spend 9 or 10 hours replacing something lost in 9 or 10 seconds. It’s a lousy deal. I would just mine for an easily available substance called Walletanium.

So it seems a lot of you are into buying Plex to replace your losses. Sweet.

I would like to hear more about your passive income Syzygium.

I have the skills for PI, but it REALLY burnt me out last time

I find that whenever I need ISK for something, the quickest and most convenient way to get it is to have other players give it to me. Sometimes they’ll give me many billions for just about 10 minutes of interacting with them!

Easy, you have

  • 10 science slots
  • 10 manufacturing slots
  • 10 reaction slots
  • 6 PI slots

on each of the 3 chars on a single account. This leading to:
30 science jobs, 30 manufacturing jobs, 30 reaction jobs, 18 PI operations that can run all simultaneously in the background. All the materials required can be purchased via long-term buyorders in the market, all the products can be sold via long-term sell-orders in the market.

You can set up Science, Manufacturing and Reactions to 30d jobs, which means you will need 1 day per month on which you will have spend a few hours for hauling jobs and then you can just forget about them. PI like 30 minutes each weekend. Trade Orders for buying or selling also a few minutes each weekend for changing orders that have fallen way out of the price development.

Thats why I called it “semi-passive”, because you still have to do some management, but thats not really demanding lots of time once the whole machinery is set up and running. And then the money just grows basically overnight.

And we haven’t even talked about long-term trading here… you can easily have some-dozen orders permanently running that buy stuff when it is cheap and at the same time orders that sell the same stuff when the price is high. On the same station if you are patient enough.

Pvp bs…find srp homes. They need the big rigs, they can offset costs in their war really. Like one home a char was in.

Alliance leader not content to tick off 2 parties, went for 3. Bs paid for well go ahead. Srp dried up….well I wasn’t asking if I could bring my drake to use the old meme. They got the drake or nothing.

Pve bs…it’s like irl. Will that purchase pay off in a realistic time. Or is it fun buy and whatever can happen. Latter I have like a drink, or overpriced coffee. It at the end is literally urinated away. Was the drink/coffee enjoyed? Well there you go lol.

Depends on the availability of sites to run in my bearhole.
Takes me around 13m from landing to popping the Drifter in a Core Garrison. Salvaging is done after sites are cleared, but call it ~2b/hour under ideal circumstances, when sites are available.
This doesn’t include the Exploration Tax of time spent rolling off connections. :roll_eyes:

My Amarrian princess recently lost our first battleship here in Vecamia. This was an alpha build and just made to go out ratting in belts not intended for PvP. The cost for this is between 380 to 425 million to replace and my income is low security kernite mining.

When I apply myself, I can harvest 500 million ISK worth in 35 hours. This doesn’t mean I have the ISK in my bank within 35 hours. I still have to haul all the ore to market and sell. This means somewhere around 16 to 18 trips for all that ore in a Miasmos. I farm no more than 6 to 8 jumps from a major trade hub. Average of 20 minutes to get there and return - assuming it doesn’t get ganked - for a total time of 6 more hours of travel.

I am going to estimate the fastest recovery for 500 million ISK is just over 40 hours for my alpha account. I am certain omega will be much faster with the bigger mining and cargo ships. If I get lucky and find a gas clouds in low security, a few good clouds could pay for the whole thing in just one day.

I still have battleships on my other two characters. The loss was due to being careless and I was curious about how a new alpha battleship would function in PvE. Unfortunately battleships have no speed. If you are ratting in low security, be very aware of who is in there with you.

Have fun!

I don’t actually have that much losses. I don’t actually have to buy much PLEX at all to keep going.

Have you tried losing more?

It’s hard to lose much when playing in a group that mandates a 3:1 numerical superiority as an engagement prerequisite. Which to be fair is most groups these days, and a big part of why there’s hardly any combat left in the game unless players are tricked into doing something stupid.


how ever long it takes to press the fitting from the loss mail and hit “buy”

Twice as long if the dread spawns and you didn’t see it on time :stuck_out_tongue:
yeah, happened to me lol.

Running havens, forsaken dens and sanctums is the maxed out version of anomaly grinding, but there’s better stuff one can do on occasion.

Have a spare already bought and configured before you attempt anything “semi risky”. Then it’s not really so much a concern.

I haven’t had to replace any ship so far but when it happens I expect to spend about <100m isk to replace what I fly.