I need to make some dough...er...ISK

I’m not crying about the loss of a ship, I know how cut throat this game is even though I’m a noob. I’m a little bit upset about HOW it happened, but hey, its only a small setback in the big picture.

This morning I lost my destroyer because of lag. Once I had warped into my mission site I noticed that there was a big latency issue going on. The items in my overview didn’t even update. I knew I was DEFINITELY going to lose this fight with lag like that and I couldn’t escape because there was nothing in my overview to warp to. So I logged out and hoped when I logged back in I’d be at the Acceleration Gate.

Nope. I was in the mission site with nothing but my capsule. Obviously my ship had been destroyed. I was a bit annoyed, but crap happens. I’ll just have to get another one. I don’t think any of my T1 starter ships will be up to the task. I could use my alt to send this character some ISK but neither of them are rollin’ in dough. (Note: I could buy a new ship now, but it’d really eat into the money this character has and I like to have a bit of a buffer in my wallet)

My question is would it be smarter to use one of my ships to do some distribution agent missions to get more ISK? I’ll need the money to re-arm anyway. If I’m lucky I may be able to get a sturdier ship after training up ( I hope…I’m still learning the ropes).

Whatever suits you to get the ISK for a new ship and fit. Like everybody else is doing. We lose, we make ISK, we buy new stuff, we lose, we …

Give Project Discovery a try. If you’re decent at it, you will make enough to replace a T1 destroyer pretty quickly.

What was the ship that you lost?


A T1 destroyer. It wasn’t something hard to replace, I was just a little low on ISK. Working on a few distro missions to make up the loss.

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Mining + project discovery is a decent way to recover ISK from early losses.

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Do the career missions. They give you several free ships and some isk. Do the sisters of eve epic arc, it will give you some isk and is repeatable every 90 days.

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I’ve done the career missions and for some reason the Sisters of Eve won’t give me a mission after I did the first one or two. At first she just said “I gave the mission to someone else” but last time I tried she just said she had nothing for me or something. There was an orange icon on her pop up that I guess indicated a problem, but it didn’t enlighten me to what the issue was.

I’ll give it another go once I get a new ship. Quick question: Is a Corax a better ship than a cormorant? My largest problem in combat seems to be capacitor power and damage.

Corax uses rockets/missiles and that is completely different weapon system from turrets on Cormorant. Chances are you are not trained to fly it efficiently.

Actually I think I can pilot it. I checked the requirements in game. (I did a lot of training and I had a lot of saved up skill points.) I might give it a try if I can generate enough ISK for it…as I said I like to have a buffer so if I lose a ship I won’t have to go through grinding for cash. The only reason I was strapped today was that I had lost my destroyer BEFORE this morning and replaced it. Though the first time wasn’t lag, it was my fault for not being fast enough to warp out when a battle went sideways.

A basic rookie mistake. If you can fly something doesn’t mean you should. There are more to the ships than being able to board and undock in one. In your case both Cormorant and Corax require you to have “Caldari destroyer” learned at lvl 1 (“being able to fly”). But that requirement doesn’t take into account fitting constraints, weapon skills etc (“being able to use”).

I'd recommend to learn to fly something like this first

[Merlin, Merlin fit]

Micro Auxiliary Power Core I
Magnetic Field Stabilizer I
Magnetic Field Stabilizer I

Medium Shield Extender I
Limited Adaptive Invulnerability Field I
Upgraded EM Ward Amplifier I
1MN Y-S8 Compact Afterburner

125mm Compressed Coil Gun I, Lead Charge S
125mm Compressed Coil Gun I, Lead Charge S
125mm Compressed Coil Gun I, Lead Charge S

Small Ancillary Current Router I
[Empty Rig slot]
[Empty Rig slot]

Its cheap, its easy to fit, its tanky but fast, it shoots at 10-15km (with lead ammo) even at most basic skills.

Thanks. I’ll try it out. I have two of them I think from running missions in my home base.

First, try to figure out if it’s something you are doing or not doing. Look it up. 99% of the times I’ve run into an EvE problem it has turned out to be something I just hadn’t figured out.

If you still have an issue, f12 and file a polite help petition under the “stuck” category.

Maybe you need to train up the core / engineering skills (they’ll help you with any ship you fly).
As for damage maybe you need to train up skills to help you apply damage / hit things in the first place.

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I think you’re right. I just did the mission that vexed me in the first place with a corax. Even with the increased damage per volley 0(from every launcher firing at once) I still had to hit a few enemies, retreat to fix damage at the nearby base and go back.

As for the sisters, I’ll try to see what / I can find. I m completely sure its on my end, not a “game issue”. Right now I’m going to replace my cormorant after a little grinding (I could do it now, but again, I like a wallet buffer) I like the corax but it isn’t suited for a lot of battles unless it has fire support. (as in turrets in between the missile launcher time)

I lost my ship right after DT. I had a similar problem, I went from full shields to nothing all of assuden, and I couldn’t activate anything, was very strange, turns out this happens to me only after DT sometimes, apart from that I never get Lag. I contacted CCP and explained what happened, they looked in to it and I got my ship back and also my loss of SP ( loki subsystem) . I was not upset about the loss of ship, it just didn’t make any sense and Just wanted to know how I could avoid that situation again. So when I got reimbursed I was pretty damn happy I didn’t expect that. So now I never fly off in to space right after DT. I just wait 5 minutes and everything seems ok.


If you right click in space you should get a little menu giving you options of planets, asteroid belts, stations and your own bookmarks to warp to. So even if your overview completely bugs out for some reason (I’ve had bugs where the overview window completely disappeared on me) you can use that to get safe.

my personal rule of thumb is, requirements tab + mastery Rank 2

I go for that a minimum before I undock a ship for anything more than moving purposes

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