My ship was destroyed during training

So, i was doing the advanced military career and on the 2nd mission i was given a crucifier. I equipped it with all the weapons that i had and a boost thing (idk the name). Part of the training was having my ship destroyed, but the ship was not the problem, because they gave it to me. The real problem is that i also lost my weapons and the boost accelerator. What should i do? How do i get them back? This is literally my third day playing this game. Plz answer asap!!

You’re not getting any of the gear back. The mission tells you the ship is going to go boom, so you shouldn’t have put anything on it.

Treat this as an educational moment where you learn to read the briefing. Just move on and do the rest of the Career Agent missions. There are three sets for each faction, so don’t make this goof up again.

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If you just need some kind of weapons and some kind of ship, there is a ‘board my corvette’ button in every station that will gift you a corvette with a fit for free. You can use this multiple times if you like to get more than a few copies of the basic weapons, but you would want to upgrade to non-civilian weapons and equipment as soon as you can.

You can try searching the market and can probably find inexpensive weapons to fit if you have a small amount of isk to spare.


Some of your things would have survived the ship’s destruction. What you want to do, for future reference, is bookmark your wreck (right-click on your wreck, select Save Location) and you can warp back to the wreck to recover any items that dropped in the wreck.

As Wyld said, it’s important that you take a moment and read the complete information from the agent. Not sure why, when knowing your ship was to be destroyed, that you’d load it all up?

Each Empire faction has 3 sets of the 5 different Career Agents, so you can always go to the others and run those same missions again. You will get a lot of the same, or similar items, doing them.

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Well, that was part of the training too. Losing all the stuff inside the ship, when the ship is destroyed, is part of the training. It helps you understand and deal with loss.


Alright, since everyone else touched on the “spirit” of EVE and the idea behind the mission itself let us talk solutions to your issue OP. :slight_smile:

To start:
While destruction is permanent in EVE, almost everything is replaceable. There are very few truly “unique” items in the game that cannot be found, built, and/or bought. More so since you are a relative rookie.

To replace your stuff, go to the toolbar and look for the “Market Window.”
From there, navigate through it until you find the “Modules” section and all the various subsections. What you want is buried somewhere in it.

While doing this, really take the time to understand how to use the market window. You are going to be using it a lot during your stay here in EVE. Like… A LOT, a lot.

While buying stuff, be mindful of the following:

  • Try to avoid buying stuff from low-sec stations
    – Sometimes they may have the cheapest prices around… don’t buy it. Low-sec (0.4 to 0.1 systems) are the “ghettos” of EVE and there are many “muggers” waiting for you to swing by the local “pawn shop” down there. Get the hang of the controls and game mechanics before you decide to tempt fate
  • Prices are set by the players, not by NPCs
    – This means that the value of an item could be much less or much higher than its actual building cost
  • There are usually different variations of the same modules
    – Some modules are easier to fit to your ship, some are more “economical” on your energy systems. Still others may boost certain stats higher than others. Use the “Show Info” button on each item to look through its stats
  • You don’t need “the best” to do anything. Sometimes “good enough” is perfectly acceptable
    – Learn your limits and what you can effectively do… which is something you can only learn by doing stuff
  • Echoing some of the previous points: More expensive does not necessarily mean “better.” Sometimes it is simply rare
  • Every ship and module has a “cheap” version that you can play and experiment with. Don’t blind yourself with “shiny” and wait until you have X amount of skills or ISK. Get the “cheap version” and try using it


hey … good you do the agent missions
its a easy way to learn and you learnd to only take stuff with you you need
btw. what is a “boost accelerator” and why was it in your ship?

the most important stuff you learnd is that you should join a player corporation to get stuff explained … it really makes your life faster
there are many corps out there … some are for new players
a famous one is Brave Newbies just a example … you can find more in this forum:
i hope this is no problem with the “dont recrut here” rule …

other thing … google your missions and read on 3rd party websites if you think you dont have enough info from the mission discription
this helps alot:

if nothing helps … search me ingame … maybe i can help you in a direct conversation … again welcome to EVE … its a good time to start EVE


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