Newbie ship destroyed

newbie here.

my ship was just destrroyed and it appears i just have a capsule.

  1. how do i get my ship back
  2. is there a resource site (like wowhead for wow) i can use? there’s not much in-game to explain how to do things. for instance, i have a quest to find a “proof of discovery: ore”. i found somewhere where it is but i had no idea how to actually obtain it.

thanks in advance,

taka qhal

  1. if you dock at the station where you dont have any other ships you’ll get a free corvette (noobship). As for getting your old ship back there is no way. it is one of EvE’s main features: if your ship gets destroyed it is lost forever, although some of the modules might survive and can be found in your ship’s wreck.
  2. You have to warp to training ore anomaly and loot it from container floating there. It is explained in mission description.

Some training (combat) missions will make your ships explode (intentionally, to get you used to that feeling). So read carefully their description when offered and dont fly your best ship/fully outfitted on such missions.

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thanks ms steak.

i went back to caille university. how do i get this free corvette?

under “personal assets”, there is a “navitas” ship. it says i can buy it for 167K ISK. i have 5 mil.

i can’t find the corvette anywhere.


it should be in your hangar but only if you dont have any other ships there already.

where is the hanger? i’m completely new here. completely.

You access your hangar using alt+c, by default.

There isn’t a central site such as wowhead for Eve. There are a number of resources spread around however. You can start by googling the name of the mission, or asking here for help. There’s also the Eve University wiki page that has quite a bit of information on a number of topics.

i did alt+c. only thing there is my capsule and that navitas ship. shows i can “assemble” it. and “buy”. no corvette there.

No Corvette, because the Navitas is a better ship. You can assemble it, enter the ship, then you can fly around, to Dodixie, for example, to do some shopping.

But if you are at University of Caille, you should head to Trossere. There is only one Station, and there you receive a new corvette with a railgun and a miner to finish the very first missions the career agents offer there.

I highly recommend to watch some youtube starter videos to get an idea of the handling.

if there is a navitas in your hangar you won’t get a free rookie ship if you dock there in your pod.

right-click -> “assemble”
right-click -> “make active” if you cannot fly a ship the game won’t let you do this

ESC -> general settings -> “merge items and hangar” is handy

Doing the career agents will get you a few free ships

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thanks, xuxe. i got the navitas.

now to figure out where to find this training container.


if you have to bring ore, there won’t be a container but an Asteroid. So you need a miner attached.

It’s sometimes easier and more economical to just buy the ore on the regional market.

While that is true, sometimes the game wont let you do that, especially if its ore that isnt on the market.

Ships are disposable. You can expect to lose more of them in the future. This is normal. Ships and the modules fitted to them are tools used to complete particular tasks.

Most ships are for combat. You get to shoot at things, most of the things get to shoot back at you. Sometimes they blow up first, sometimes you blow up first. When you do this right, they blow up first most of the time. when you do this wrong, you blow up first most of the time.

Some ships are for mining space rocks to collect raw materials to make things.

Some ships are cargo haulers, like a big truck. Fill them with cargo, haul the cargo somewhere. Hope no one shoots at you while you are doing that.

There are a few other types of ship but those are the main types.

Eve is mostly a PvP game. Any other player can attack you any time they want, and you can do the same to them, but depending on where that happens there are in-game consequences to the person who shoots first. Shooting other players is not bannable in this game, unless you are griefing someone in particular. Under most circumstances, shooting other players is OK, it’s why this game was developed in the first place.

There is PvE in Eve, usually based on shooting at scripted NPC ships controlled by the server, but the main action in Eve is PvP, and sometimes it does not involve actually shooting at other players. Some types of scamming inside the game are also allowed, such as other players trying to trick you into paying too much isk for things they are selling. In some systems, you’ll see a lot of players advertising stuff they want to sell in the main game chat. You can bet a lot of those items are scams that are priced way above what they are really worth.

Welcome to Eve. Sometimes we don’t just shoot you in your face, we also shoot your wallet as well.

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You’ve done the right thing by reaching out for advice and you’ll definitely get plenty of it and some people may even agree with each other and (shockingly) may even stay relevant to your questions!

@Wombat65Au_Egdald’s advice is good. But I’ll add my tuppenny worth.

Everything you do in Eve has permanent consequences - it is one of the joys of life in New Eden and why Eve is unlike any other game of this size.
If you loose a ship that loss is permanent, it doesn’t magically reappear somewhere. You can buy a replacement but this isn’t Call of Duty where dying is a laugh and you respawn with the same gun and equipment as if nothing has happened.
You’ll get attached to your ship - that’s not unusual, you are human after all - but don’t forget it’s a thing, you can buy another; assume you will lose it. Remember it, don’t mourn it.
And make sure you can afford to replace it.

If you end up in your pod (the little egg) then go to a station. You will be given a corvette by the insurers (a Navitas in your case, each Empire has its own corvette they are all “not very good” - a Frigate is a good step up). It’ll be packaged in your ship hangar. Assemble it (they are packaged for sale and to make them smaller for fitting in the cargo holds of other ships) and then change to it - all on the right mouse button menu). You can fit a few modules, such as guns or mining lasers (for extracting ore from asteroids, maybe a repairer or shield booster and you’re good to go.

As you will have discovered Eve is a deeply complex game - and you are starting out at the entrance to the rabbit hole. Dive in, get lost down here and always ask. Eve has a reputation for calculating ruthlessness, but there are also staggering moments of kindness and generosity. Ruthless when needed is more the rule.

Most people will want to find a way of earning ISK. Some people mine asteroids, some dive deep into wormholes to explore and hack open relics of past civilisations for loot to sell, some run missions for agents or manufacture items to sell, or wheel and deal on the markets, or act as hauliers for others. There’s analogous jobs in New Eden for most occupations in the “real” world. There are even bandits and con-men.

Perseverance is important, as with many things worth while, instant gratification isn’t as rewarding as the understanding that will come from learning how Eve works. Skill training will feel slow, but just because you can sit in a big ship doesn’t mean you actually know how to fly it, and without know how to fly it safely you will probably loose it very quickly. Use Skill training time to learn how to fly and live in New Eden.

Anyway, that’s enough rambling from an old grey fool. Feel free to ask questions, and if you wish drop me a line in game (that’s a general offer to new players).

Fly as safely as you wish.


Terak I think that your post should be read by every new player in Eve. And even by those who have not played yet and are wondering whether they will try eve or not


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