Question regarding ships in relation to character death

Ok. Here are my questions.

  1. Say I got shot down in my starter ship. Or the frigate given to you as a starter in the Agent Missions thingy. I will then respawn back in the home port or home station. So, what happens if I don’t have any money left to buy a ship, never mind that whole creating a ship out of materials? Will I get permanently stuck there, with the outcome that I can’t play Eve Online anymore as everyone is doing?

  2. If there are no ships in the home station, will a new starter ship spawn?

  3. Say I have 2 ships in one station, and I want to transfer both to the home station/port. Can I transport both to the home port/station? Or is that impossible because of the fact that to transport a ship you need to be driving it to a location?

Starter ships are free, you never have to pay for them.

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Good questions - and definitely a concern for a new player. And before I forget my manners: Welcome to New Eden.

1&2 - if you end up in a station in your pod with no other ships there you are always able to get a free corvette. I think they also give you a civilian miner and civilian popgun. If you’ve got to the “I’ve lost everything” stage then, yep you are back where you began - except you are older and wiser. You are never stuck.
There is a ln old recommendation in Eve “don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose”.

3 - yeah, moving ships can be a pain. You can fly between stations in a pod, so you could move them one at a time. There are ships designed for hauling other ships, but they are expensive and skill demanding. People will move ships for you for payment; but it’s likely they’ll want paying more than your ships are worth.
While your 350k ISK frigate may feel expensive you’ll fairly soon find ways of earning ISK - exploration, mining, missions, rats, bit of industry and so forth.
Also remember: you don’t have to move everything to your new base at once. Take what you want/need and deal with the rest later.
Small ships can always be repackaged and carried in a hauler - something like a Bestower. Each race has a pair of cheap basic haulers - one fast but small volume, the other large volume but slower. Neither is tanky so don’t put all your eggs in one.


So if moving ships is a pain, and if I die and spawn back at the home port/station, then I can just do the following in order?

  1. Sell the corvette.
  2. Go to home port.
  3. Buy corvette.

Like that? Or I don’t have to buy one because if I die a corvette will spawn?

I think I understand what you are suggesting - yes, you can always sell the corvette, though it’s of minimal value (2k ISK tops - remember they are given away free which really depressed the price!) then suicide to get to your “home” station and get a new corvette if you’ve no ships there already. But you might as well fly in the corvette to the destination.
Try it. It’s not going to cost you anything.
You may find there are no buyers for your corvette though.

Dying to get home is a bad habit - as you progress you’ll want to install implants in your clone and killing a clone destroys the implants (“oops, forgot about the 500m ISK implants” isn’t a good feeling). Likewise, flying a naked pod is unwise as they are very fragile - a corvette or shuttle is rougher.


Oh. So I will get a free corvette if I die? Ok. I don’t need to buy a new corvette anymore.

What’s this about naked pod flying? How does one do that?

Right click on your ship in the inventory (ship hangar bit) and select “leave ship” and you’ll be left in your pod “egg”. It can undock and fly it in space - but it is fragile.
I’d normally recommend against flying in a pod

The “free corvette” is if you don’t have a ship at the station. There is a button that says “board my corvette” which either puts you in an existing corvette or gives you a new on and puts you in it. If there’s no button you already have a ship in the station you can use.

It’s a long time since I’ve needed or used a corvette…

You may find useful - the Eve University site has a lot of information about almost everything in Eve.


Not sure if Terak mentioned it, But if you move to another station, you do have the option to make it your new home station, that way if you go somewhere like 10 jumps off, and decide to stay there, you can make that your new station, otherwise when you die, you’ll be 10 jumps from where you were killed.

also wanted to note, that by the time you are done with the career agents, you’ll have a destroyer and several other ships…

A destroyer?!
I only remember getting a couple of frigates, a Venture, a hauler, a bunch of miscellaneous modules and a headache.

Yes. You can set your home station - where your medical clone is - to anywhere with a clone bay. There is limited capabilities for remote deployment and rate limitations. For generally bouncing around New Eden you use Jump Clones.

yea you get a destroyer. for Caldari its the Cormorant.

It’s s long time since I did the training agents - it would have been in Amarr and I don’t recall getting a destroyer. Things move on.
Nice for a new player - a basic fitted destroyer can easily handle Level 1 security missions and it’s a good way to familiarise yourself with “what all the displays mean”.

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