Strategy for refitting ship after death

A simple question: Once I die in space, is there a good strategy for refitting my new ship? I find it somewhat tedious to buy all the stuff on the market, especially when I need to do system hopping to get all the components. Or do I have a wrong idea about what will happen when I die?

I am almost done with the Sisters of EVE arc and have not died yet, but I would like to be prepared when it happens (and not if).

To “die” is a strong word, let’s say you are forced to swap your clone - but only if you are podded. Losing a ship leaves you on grid in a pod, and chances are not too bad that your pod survives when you warp away quickly. There’s two agent missions the career agents offer where you learn to lose your ship.

So there’s different scenarios:

  • You only lose the ship: Travel home and grab another one from your hangar. If it was your last matching ship, you need to organize a new one.
  • You get podded: You awake at your home station. If you want to go shopping after being podded, make sure your clone is located at a trade hub, so you can change your home station to Jita, Amarr, Dodixie, or Hek. There you can buy a new ship, the common ships and modules are supposed to be in stock to a reasonable price.

You are free to refit your ship the way you like.

I read about Jita as base in another post. It seems to be quite common. Currently my assets are scattered all over the place. So it would make sense to package them and have them transported (or transport them in a hauler myself) to Jita?

Jita is not a nice place to play, just to trade. So if you’ve found a cozy nice place, you should carry on playing there, and travel to Jita from time to time to buy things or sell loot, products, and salvage.

Don’t worry about scattered assets, this is perfectly normal. You don’t need a civilian data analizer any more, just leave it there. You char evolves, you gain new skills, and so you need new gadgets.


Would you really want to live in Jita all the time ? That’s not necessary. Any station not too far from any place of trade (notice how I didn’t say ‘trade hub’) can serve as your base (home).

Of course the fastest way to have a ship refit is to have everything in stock at your base (ship still packaged, mods at least repaired). If needed you copy the fit from the loss mail and save it in the fitting window, select the fit again so it shows in simulated fit, and then press the “fit ship” button. It will try to do that (including any stuff in the cargo bay, so you may have to delete some of that first).

If you are in a “real” trade hub, where you can buy everything at once, you can use that same saved fit to “multibuy” (button bottom right of fitting window) and again to “fit” after you bought everything. Just make sure you cleaned up the fit so as not to include unrelated stuff from drops and salvaging etc, to avoid either paying through the nose (for boosters, etc) or failing every time.

P.S. When you use the “buy all” or “multibuy” features, always double check the locations, quantities and prices, and delete anything from the scroll down list that you do have in stock.

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When starting out, you have to go through what you mentioned.

Over time, you will gather a bunch of space junk, so refitting does not involve as much jumping around.

Up in the rich range, you will have a ship or two already fit and you just jump in and go.

Enjoy you journey in EVE.

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