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Dear all,
I have a very…very noob question.
In games like…world of warcraft I have a player. If I go in a battleground and I get killed I simply respawn.

In EVE…if in a PVP combat my ship is destroyed…do I have to build/buy a new ship?

Yes. when your ship is destroyed, it’s gone, time to get another one, plus modules to fit on it.

I don’t play WoW but I do play Lord of the Rings Online, so try this as an analogy.

Your ship (plus it’s modules) is equivalent to armour/weapon. You character uses the armour/weapon. Your ship is not your character, your ship is a tool used by your character. Ships and modules definitely can be destroyed.

Eve does have an equivalent to a character respawning, but only the character itself is respawned. Ships and modules do NOT respawn in this game.

You are in your ship doing whatever. You get attacked by other players or NPC’s and you lose the fight. Your ship is destroyed, but your character is still alive inside a “pod”. A pod cannot use any modules, it has no weapons and it’s very fragile, it can be destroyed fairly easily, but pods are fast. You can escape from the fight in the pod and dock up in a station. So far you have not “respawned” in Eve terms. Now lets go back slightly, you’re in a ship and lose a fight, the ship is destroyed, and you’re slow to escape in your pod. Your pod gets targeted and destroyed (NPC ships do not target player pods, only other players can do that). When your pod is destroyed, your character dies, and that’s when a clone of your character spawns. This is Eve’s version of respawning. You only respawn when your pod is destroyed, and NPC ships do not target player pods, only other players can target player pods.

Targeting/destroying a player’s pod is called “podding” in Eve.

Another detail to be aware of. Each character has a set of basic stats. These stats do have some effect on how well you can fly/operate a ship and use modules. The basic stats can also affect how quickly you train skills. higher stats make skill training go faster. There are devices called “implants” you can add to your character to increase these basic stats. Implants are attached to your character, not to your ship. If you lose a ship, your implants are not affected. If your character gets podded, you lose those implants because they are attached to your character.


tldr, you can lose everything but the last shirt and then start in your home station with nothing except the free corvette.
Only the skill points remain permanent.

Thank you, excellent explanation thank you.
The problem is…if the ship is my way to make ISK (let’s suppose running missions) and it’s destroyed. How can i buy/fit another one?

Don’t fly the ships you can’t afford to lose

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If you absolutely lose everything, you can board a free corvette in every station. Try to look for the “Board my corvette” button when you’re docked. A corvette is an extremely weak ship, but it’s outfitted with a basic gun and mining laser, and is good enough to make a small amount of ISK through mining or hunting rats in asteroid belts. Once you have enough ISK, buy and outfit a frigate, and you’re back to running missions.

In general, try to fly as cheap as you can to get the job done. That way, if you die, you still have enough ISK to get a new ship.

Would you walk into a casino with your entire life savings and bet all your money on one single bet? Don’t spend all your isk on one ship. Make sure you have enough spare isk in reserve so if you do lose a ship, you can afford to replace it.

There is in-game insurance for ships. You buy the insurance at almost any NPC controlled space station. The insurance never covers the complete cost of the ship, but getting some of the isk back is better than getting none of the isk back.

In Eve, each of the four NPC “empires” (Amarr, Caldari, Gallente and Minmatar) have three designated new player systems (12 of these systems in total). Inside these new player systems are a set of NPC agents who have tutorial tasks they want you to perform. These tasks help teach you how to do various things in Eve.

You receive rewards for completing these tasks, including a small collection of free ships and some modules for them. Since there are 12 of these systems, you can collect 12 sets of these free ships. The ships are low level, able to be used by fairly new characters, but if worst comes to worst, you can get some basic ships for free by going to one of the new player systems and completing the tutorials there.

Also, you’re allowed to own multiple ships at the same time, you can’t fly multiple ships at the same time with the same character (multi-boxing is allowed in Eve for paid accounts but not for free accounts). This character I’m posting here with has a bunch of different ships spread across multiple stations. I use different ships to do different things and switch ships when I change what I am doing.

I also have the right skills to actually build ships and modules if I want. This is not a simple task, but some players specialise in building ships and selling them to other players. It’s not always cost effective to build your own ships unless you can do that in bulk. You need to have a bunch of different minerals, plus the more advanced ships need specialised parts, so if you try ship building on a small scale you can end up spending more doing that compared to buying ships from the market. Many of the large player corporations in Eve have specialised groups in their corp who concentrate on building stuff rather than shooting stuff.

Almost all of the ships, modules and ammunition that are used in this game are built by players. Unlike most fantasy MMO’s, this game does not give you gear as a reward very often (some gear is given as rewards, but not much). Most of what you will use in this game was made by another real flesh and blood player in this game.

Do ALL the missions for ALL the career agents.
That will teach you most of what you need to know.
You will also get some skill books/modules and even a few ships as rewards.

There’s a few help channels in-game and people are very friendly and helpful.

ehh… not quite. T3C loss looses SP

damn ^^

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