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I just lost my ship when i’m using it. I was going to do some logistics of my own items (Packaged Frigates). When i was warping, my laptop suddenly died. So i restarted it, get in to the game and i am in my capsule and my ship is gone. It was insured, but for a newb every ISK counts right? I can make sure that it wasn’t destroyed by enemy. Is there anyway i could get it back? Or is it destroyed when i’m offline while i restarted my laptop?

I hope there is a way i can get it back, but if there isn’t, guess I’ll have to get another one :confused:

It probably was destroyed by an enemy. You have joined up with the Caldari in Faction War and are a legal target for the opposing side, even in highsec. I can see 3 losses of yours to a member of the opposing militia on your killboard here:

You can also see all your ship losses in the game under your Character Sheet and then the Interactions tab.

If you really think it was a bug of some kind, you can also ask CCP who will look at the situation and may replace your ship in some cases. Try here:


But really, I think the take away answer is that you have joined up with a militia and are a valid target in a war. Nowhere is safe in Eve, but that is especially so when you enlist in a full scale war! The usual advice given here is to train up a second hauling/trading character on your account (or make a second Alpha account) to haul stuff while not being a legal target. Criminals might still get you if you are reckless, but that is much less likely when CONCORD is watching your back as compared to the other militia in Faction War.


You also get shot by the faction navy of the opposing empires when you enter their space and not warp fast enough, while enlisted in the war.

I guess the disconnect was in enemy territory and your ship stayed in space for too long. Note, that on disconnect your ship is not removed immediately from space.

In general doing logistics with a char in war or bad security status or faction standing to empires is not a good idea.

EDIT: if the killboard link above shows the incident, then indeed you were killed by an enemy while offline and your ship still in space. Also your fit … only one afterburner is used on a ship. Get help.

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You should use neutral hauling alts to increase your chances of survival. :bulb:

No, you lost your ship in a way that was normal, with zero fault from ccps side.

If this wasn’t the case, people would close their client right before losing a fight or getting caught and say “whoops my computer crashed ccp please reimburse my ship”.

Much like how you can’t petition blizzard or valve when you disconnect from a match of starcraft 2 or dota 2 and ask them not to count that match, you cannot do that in EVE.

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Thanks for the info, i will learn from my mistakes

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