Really Big Issue

So ive been trying to do missions from agents and stuff. But i would get killed RIGHT after undocking in HIGH SEC. i would be AT The station’s Hole and get shot to death. what should i do. ive been killed 4 times already and 2 of those are by “Krono Medugo”

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This should be good.

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Are you at war, making you a valid war target, by chance?

edit: important thing to keep in mind in EvE - high sec does not mean you are 100% safe at all.

edit 2: your corp is in faction warfare in Amarr Militia, the player you mention’s corp is in the Gallente Militia. Hence you are permanent war targets to each other (Amarr/Caldari vs Minmatar/Gallente). Set up your overview to show militia war targets and make deep undock bookmarks for stations you frequent.


your corp is a member of Amarr faction war. The opposition can shoot you anywhere. You are a legal target anywhere in space.

The character who has been shooting you is a member of the Gallente faction, one of your enemies.

Shoot him back, :slight_smile:
Concord will not intervene in the fight between you.


Thanks for the help guys


Special props to OP for politely requesting clarification rather than raging about the “broken” game. You’ll go far here.

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