Attacks by npc Navies

So whilst trucking a large haul of salvage and exploration finds through Caldari space on my way to Jita I was attacked unprovoked by the Caldari Navy and lost everything, what I don’t understand is how this happened, I have a 0.94 standing with the Caldari and am a member of an NPC corp. Is there some factor in how Empire hostility is decided that I’ve been missing?

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Did you sign up to be part of the Gallente or Minmatar militia by chance?

If so, you at war with the Caldari. Their faction navy is going to engage you as an enemy of the state regardless of your personal standing. Also, players in the opposing militias (Amarr and Caldari) can shoot you without penalty even in highsec.


oooh ■■■■, yeah I’m in the Minmatar militia, thanks. Well this has been a very expensive lesson in empire mechanics


Good thing is, if youre in minmattar space, the navy will back you up when fighting against amarr/caldari fw enemies.

Sadly, the minmattar trading hub sucks.

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