The caldari Starr attacks me


Hi i dont know why the caldari state NPCs started attacking me even that i did nothing that im aware, any suggestions?

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Have you joined Faction War?


Yes minnmatar against amar but i declined to see if that works, but nothing, i was also doing the mission of the agency of sisters of eve

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Minmatar are allied with Gallente, Amarr are allied with Caldari.

If you are in FW against the Amarr then you are also against the Caldari.

I think this explains why they don’t like you anymore.


Is there a way to end the attacks or i Will have to say goodbye to the caldari space 4 ever?

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If you quit the Faction War then the attacks should end. You will then be welcome in the space of all of the factions once more.


I’ve already quited the faction war, thats why o dont understand why they keep attacking me :,(

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From the UniWiki:

“After you leave Factional Warfare the navies of your enemy factions will still attack you for several hours (even if you join the opposing faction militia!) Your status as an “enemy of the state” does not show up in your standings, so be careful when you attempt to travel. Waiting 16 hours is long enough for the enemy navies to forget about you”

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


I hope it does, thanks for your time :slight_smile:

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Damn FW enemies are like wormholes.
16 hours.

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