Caldari Faction War status

Looking to get into some good fights on the side of the Caldari but have heard trigs has completely screwed faction warfare.

whats the current state and where does one find corps to enlist with. thanks

There is a VERY strong community in Minmatar FW, and the lowsec there is very seldomly camped and full of people looking for 1v1s. In calgal, the action is a lot more intense. There are much more camps, and less solo pvp. Cannot make any corp recommendations though, I prefer to fly solo from the NPC militia corp. Player corps can be a good way to learn FW though.

The idea Trigs screwed FW has been pushed by a small number of vocal players. I suggest waiting a week or so which is when the next stage could drop, see what happens and then look at trig presence around the war zone yourself as to if it will work for you.

thanks for reply i am Caldari by blood so i will not fight for minmatar but its good to hear that some of the FW is still alive and well.

Nevyn good point ill keep looking for militia corps and watch to see what happens

Your bloodline has absolutely no impact on the game. Literally none. A Minmatar slave descendant can still absolutely wreck other Minmatars as a holy Amarr battleship FW pilot.

But do train missiles :wink:

Missiles are great!

I meant i have no desire to fight for min or gallente side.

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