Returning Player looking for Caldari FW Corps

I just returned, but i use new account not the old acc. The reason is my old acc is a ratting acc. And i want to focus on my main, this is my main account.

Focusing on two roles:

  • ECM
  • Hybrid Turrets

I also only fly Caldari ships for now. I am looking for a Caldari Faction Warfare Corps.
I also remarkably new in PvP. But i have deep understanding on how the game works.
Combat, Drones, etc. Especially about min maxing.

I want to push the Caldari supremacy against those liberals

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Yes, i feel you., this is what i am also looking for, let me know if you manage to find a corp please mate :slight_smile:

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I was going to ask why, but then I saw the I want to push the Caldari supremacy against those liberals.

Best of luck to you, look into mjolnir bloc or something. Enjoy your time in calmil, if you’re ever interested in a nullsec group that roams black rise frequently, drop me a line :slight_smile:

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Mjolnir Bloc left Calmil

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