500m sp looking for caldari fw corp/alliance

Thinking about playing actively again and wanted to try out FW specifically for the Caldari State.

Usually run 2-5 accounts depending on how “into” eve I am currently. Can fly all the stuff and buy all the stuff but need a reason to do so.

Looking for an active corp for my characters or an alliance that would want my caldari RP corp as part of it. (Work from home so eu/us timezone works)

Feel free to send a mail or reply to this thread with any questions or opportunities.

Come check us out at The Order of Omerta. We are into fw and pvp for The squids. We got ppl of all levels and so fleets daily. We’re and older crowd so we got no tolerance for ■■■■■■■■ or drama. We’re here to play and kill.

Come by our discord and chat

Hey, i’ll sent you a mail in game. I remember you from my kinakka days:)

Hey Ryan,

Eclipse Navy might be a good fit for you, we are currently pretty active on the frontlines against Gallente along with fighting the Guristas in counter-insurgency operations.

See below for more info or join our discord to have a chat.

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