Eclipse Navy (USTZ) Caldari FW/Industrial - Newbros Welcome!

Eclipse Navy is a Caldari Faction Warfare/Industrial corporation with a primary focus in PvP with options on the side for money. We currently reside in the Otawasa mere jumps from the front and Jita.

Eclipse Navy Offers:

•PvP Training / Plex Fleets(Make 100mil an hour) / Simple Doctrines
•Small Gang PVP - Make money while you PVP!
•Laid Back Group
•Orca Boosts for miners
•Exploration Daytrips
•Ore Buyback / LP Buyback

Pilot Requirements:

•18+ Years of age.
•Working microphone
•Chill attitude

If you are interested in learning more, feel free to join our public channel: Eclipse Pub and have a chat today or join our discord!



Still recruiting! Got another 500k LP today!

Actively recruiting. 400k LP, one session. 400~ Mil.

This is a Bump!

bumping for recruitment!

To the top!




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