[US-TZ] Eclipse Navy - Seeking Amarr Faction Warfare Pilots!

Who are we?

Eclipse Navy is a majority US TZ small-gang PvP corporation situated in Devoid. We’re involved in Amarr faction warfare, which gives us access to solo & small gang lowsec content on tap, and we frequently do null-sec ESS roams & NPSI fleets.

There are plenty of PvP corps out there, but what sets us apart is our philosophy: we recruit people, not characters. Skills and mechanical knowledge can be taught, doctrines can be trained, but attitudes are hard to change. Towards this end, we are not a killboard-vain corp, we’d much rather it be red than inactive – you learn a lot more from losses than from risk-averse play. We’re big on innovation, and on making the most of what we have, whether that’s achieving great outcomes in cheap fleet compositions or fighting outnumbered on ESS grids.

What we offer:

• Access to multiple PvP fleets a day over EU & US time zones; both with us and the wider militia.
• Opportunities & support to be more than a line member.
• Corporate logistics to our staging makes shipping simpler, plus fit ships on contract.
• SRP for core doctrine ships
• Opportunities to learn (or teach) core PvP skills.
• Doctrines designed to get you into core roles as quickly as possible, you won’t have to fly a Griffin for 6 months.
• Membership in Amarr faction warfare with access to FW plexes, insurgency fleets and missions.
• A chill group to hang out with

What we require:

• Have a working mic.
• Have at least one Omega subscription.
• Attain and maintain Amarr Empire standings above 0.0;
• Be self-sufficient on alts – we are permanently at war, a hauling alt is highly suggested.
• Train into our doctrines and actively engage with our fleets and on the corp on discord.

Recruitment Process

Still interested? Join our Discord , (or our in-game channel: Eclipse Pub) and introduce yourself! Talk to Revan Chion, GrittyNutzack, or Mad Ani with any recruitment questions.



made 300 mil my first day, +1

To the top!

just started EVE joined the corp now i have more than 1.5 billion and doing fun PVP every day

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I joined, small group PVP has been fun and very profitable.

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To the top!

Having a blast


The boss said to bump or be fed to Gallente as bait for a trap. I figure we can always find other bait.
Maybe YOU?

Can confirm - did say that.


Beautiful woman

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