Eclipse Pulsar - PvP Focused corporation - Recruitment Closed

Welcome to Eclipse Pulsar, a corporation reborn from ashes, for a new beginning, new friendships, more PvP !

Established in null-sec space, always looking for gameplay that fits our style. Ships explode on daily basis, girls faint at our sight and people do the manliest handshakes in the universe.

We lay a big focus on small / medium sized fleets, with improving ourselves in battle, learning from mistakes and defeats, striving to achieve perfection in every matter.

What can we offer for you though, you may ask ?

  • EUTZ focused PvP related content
  • Communication platforms ( comms )
  • Community, that will back you up
  • Alliance SRP
  • Home in null-sec space

What we need from you ?

  • Be interested in PvP
  • Activity and willingness to learn
  • Teamwork !

If you fit in those categories, you are more than enough welcome to join us in our endevours to become greater than ever before !


See you in space !

Still alive and kicking !

Bemp <3

Recruitment still up, seeking PvP players !

Growing strong , wrecking more !

Insert a bemp here ! Still looking for PvP members !

Nice videos tho ! Still recruiting

bump for the bump god !

Looking for PvP members still !

@Silvana_Cadelanne do you have a public discord buddy? And are you accepting new bros players? Tnx :slight_smile:

@SkyNet_Expanse we do indeed have discord :

Let me know if the link will die though !

Still recruiting !

The best is always raw footage !

Still recruiting members \o/

A lot of content is happening around our space, join us for the PvP you are looking for ! :slight_smile:

Hey returning player. Still new to pvp but would like to learn. In my 30s. Timezone PST. Would like to dedicate my free time to EVE again.

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