United Caldari Navy is recruiting for Faction Warfare - Newbros welcome!

The United Caldari Navy is recruiting pilots interested in faction warfare! The primary mission of the United Caldari Navy is to organize the Caldari Militia and reclaim strategic star systems in the name of the Caldari State.

Join us as we bring glory to the State! We are looking to build a core group of pilots to bring strength to UCN and the Caldari Militia as a whole. Faction warfare provides tons of PvP and isk making opportunities.

Now offering corp hauling!

Joining Requirements:
• Over 18 years old
• Discord required and mic preferred
• English speaking skills
• Interview with one of our recruiters
• No drama

Who we are:
• Newbro friendly - some FW or PvP experience preferred
• Active and experienced leadership
• Friendly and engaged community
• PvP of all shapes and sizes
• Casual to hardcore players
• No mandatory ops

As we grow in pilots and isk, we will be able to offer:
• Newbro ships and training
• Logi training
• SRP for UCN fleets

≡★≡ Loyalty to the State ≡★≡

Want to know more?
Hit us up on:
Discord: UCN Discord or in-game: UCN-Public


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More people, bigger fleets, easier results

Recruiting bump!

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Looking for any pilots who are interested in FW from newbies to vets! We’ve been fleeting up every day. Just need you to add to the numbers!

We have a gamer girl! Especially welcome to join us if you are simp!

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We need more!


Now offering corp hauling! Have your ships brought to the front line for you!

We want people from all time zones to prevent loss of progress to the Gallente.

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Are you unsure about pvp? Faction warfare is a great way to start!

Join us in fleets and learn hands on! Our pilots will help you familiarize yourself with the different aspects of pvp and fw while actively engaging in content.


Join people!

If you awesome should join us

No idea what you’re doing? Neither do we!

Just kidding! We actually do. Let us introduce you to FW in a hands on, but understandable way. There’s no better way to learn than diving in hulls first!

We want you!
≡★≡ For the State ≡★≡

We are growing in numbers!

Today was the day when Caldari United!