[CalMil FW] United Caldari Navy is Recruiting

Hello! Interested in Faction Warfare? Or lots of endless pvp opportunities? What about just making lots of isk? The United Caldari Navy is recruiting pilots interested in reclaiming Caldari star systems in the name of the Caldari State through the Caldari Militia! We are New Eden’s only real attempt to unify the Caldari Militia to briong the Gallente Federation to their knees! Join us as we bring glory to the State and get rich in the process!

Loyalty to the State ≡★≡
The United Caldari Navy is a combined taskforce of capsuleer militia and Caldari State Navy personnel. The primary mission of the United Caldari Navy is to organize the Caldari Militia and reclaim strategic star systems in the name of the Caldari State in its present war with the Gallente Federation.

Joining Requirements:
• over 18 years old
• 5 mil SP minimum
• Discord and Mic required
• English speaking skills
• No drama
• Full ESI and voice interview

We offer:
• Active and experienced leadership
• Friendly and engaged community
• Content all the time
• PVP of all shapes and sizes
• Daily PvP Fleet Ops
• Corp hauling available
• Unlimited Gallente frozen corpses

Want to know more?
Hit us up on Discord or In-game!
Discord: https://discord.gg/aR2A6y4
In-game Public Channel: UCN-Public



We are a new but steadily growing PVP corp. Whether you are returning or pretty new to EvE Online we can provide content and fun times! We have an active discord and we put content and ship explosions above farming plexes!

I am the EU director and have experience training new low sec PVP players going back 11 years so am more than happy to discuss fittings, PVP basics, and I will be one of the lead FC’s.

If you want fun, active corp. With oppotunities to roam low-sec looking for sweet explosions, we are a good bet. We operate on ‘Not Blue Shoot It’ (NBSI) policies so as long as it’s not in the Caldari Militia it will be fair game.

Here is our killboard. We have been active only a few days but we are already having some great fun.

You also don’t need to wait for corp mates to be online to join fleets and find content! The militia fleets are also available and are great for players to learn the ropes and how to fly under an FC>

If ths is what you are looking for, hit us up in discord or in game at our public channel.

Mail Lite
United Caldari Navy EU Director

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Had a great fleet op last night and snagged some kills! Come collect Gallente Militia corpses with us!

Took the Tama system back into Caldari State control today! Great fleet!


Love the advert KDog! Hahaha

Bump. No drama fun low sec PvP. Can’t say fairer than that :smile:


Caldari Meme

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lol. Bumptastic



Huge bump, great guys to fly with, fleets are never boring

bump for sure!


We’re now one of the most active corps in the militia. We have just secured our first system after a day of offensive plexing, followed by a fantastic bash fleet operation. We then fought some pirates.

If you want casual and fun fleet ops, pure lowsec PvP and want to just be able to log on, fleet up and chill with your mates. This is the corp for you.

If you are in the North America timezone this corporation is a MUST join. Great for newbies (5mil sp) and veterans alike as we teach cohesion and fleet mechanics, as well as objectively capturing the warzone for the glory of the Caldari State!
Do your part to fight the Gallente scum!



Learning faction farfare/PVP with the UCN has been the best part of EVE. Caldari Navy Best Navy o7

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