Older player - Low-Sec - EU TZ - Min/Gal


Its been a while and I now live the other side of the world thanks to the Chinese Communist Party. That means GMT 0/+1 after 18 years of +7/8. EU TZ.

I’m an older player in real time and game time and can’t be bothered with 0.0. I spent most of my time in low-sec and I like it there. Molden Heath was/is my home.

Had a decent kill/death ratio, motivated people, de-motivated people and wrote long e-mails.

I’m self-sufficient but rusty and I won’t be on every night. For the right outfit, I’ll be on most nights once the boy is in bed.

Now I’ve given you a glowing advertisement…

There’s an outfit out there somewhere in Minmatar/Gallente low-sec I’m sure.



Hi Souvera corvus,

I know you don’t want null but can you consider a 100% independent pvp corp operating out of npc null.

We are a stand alone alliance with focus in just having fun and avoid all the crap in regards to sov warfare and blue doughnut.

If you want to know more please make sure to check us out


We are in gal LS for calmil regular fights and i mean you’re corvus, im crow it was meant to be.

United Caldari Navy is recruiting for Faction Warfare - Corporations & Alliances / Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums

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