Looking for new relaxed home

Hello, been playing eve since 2010. Played daily for 8 years, last 3 years have been on and off again. Prefer pvp, solo/small gang to mid size fleets.

Looking for a laid back mature group who understand the demands of real life. I am always on call (manage apartments) and could be called away on a moments notice.

What I can offer, experiance and willingness to join/provide useful help in home defense fleets. PVE alts to help maintain local sov. Experience in leading small to mid size fleets, experiance in fighting outnumbered.

My attendance to larger longer fleets will be hit and miss. But willing to do what I can.

Thank you
Fly dangerous

hey man can check us out we a small group UnHoly C0nF3SSi0ns null sec sov corp recruiting

Welcome to have you in Shinra bud

We would be interested in speaking to you :slight_smile: The Emperor needs you , Join the Imperial Fleet

hello xxxAlloxxx

We are a US/AU with some EU corporation, we operate in low-sec system and some npc null,
if you are interested for more information feel free to say hi in our recruitment channel on discord

Occulus Rifts | Corporation | zKillboard

Happy to discuss and see if this may a fit for you - Cheers!

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