United Caldari Navy is recruiting for Faction Warfare - Newbros welcome!

Daily fleets, nice killmails waiting for you!

Hello! great corp. here. Very friendly and resourceful for new players like myself. Join today and lets fleet up!

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If you are a simp, join us. Our CEO is a “chick”.

Join us!

Don’t want to click a zKill link? No problem. I’ll post a screenshot. We have some of the best pilots in the Caldari militia, and we are in the top 10 for both corps and pilots.

image image

Come join the best!
For the State! o7

UCN discord

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Don’t worry, while I do bite you don’t actually have to be in the same room as me.

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We just got number one victory Royal

Join us for a final battle

Great team, lot of ships, female CEO. What else would a simp need?

Fresh cooked frog legs?

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Join now with great discounts!

I heard of a fantastic recipe for frog leg meatloaf. Need some help catching frogs, and there will be a frog-themed banquet!

Join our corp for other fantastic recipes!

And blapping of course.

The war is heating up! We need all hands!

If you want to be part of something great, join up today! The most contested area in FW is falling out of the galmil control and the Caldari is gaining ground every day. This will be a great victory for the Caldari and Amarr. Don’t miss out!

For the Glory of the State!

We need you to make Caldari great again!

Calling all Faction Warfare Newbros!

Want a safe place to learn about faction warfare and pvp? Look no further! We want you, too!

Low sp? No problem! Low confidence? No problem!

Join United Caldari Navy today, and get a head start in your quest for pvp excellence!

Help defend our systems from the dirty Gallente! Do not be the one who stood by and did nothing when we need you most! Join today!

Regular fleets up in corp and with militia.

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Join today, fight tomorrow

Hey you, newbro! Come join us and we’ll get you all set for FW. We can help teach you the ropes and answer any questions about eve! Our pilots have experience in many aspects of eve.

Come one, come all! We need you more than ever. Enlist today!

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