Gallente Caldari War Zone

So following large parts of CalMil leaving Faction Warfare and various parts of GalMil now leaving lowesec because of this, which GalMil corps and alliances are staying to focus on what remains of the war zone?

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What war zone? Haven’t you heard it’s actually been patched into a Farmville app for EVE.


Krab more pls I’m really enjoying these dirt cheap VNI

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Is there any FW left at all. I joined Gal milita, and I havnt seen anything at all to fight.
If i had the standings I would have tried to form a new corp and join Caldari milita just to get more things to fight

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rofl now amarr minmatar have more pvp?? are you serious? thats saying something.

good lord ccp. removing bc plexs pretty much destroyed fw.

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From looking at the ingame stats, it seems amarr/minmatar has about the same amounts of kills as gal/cal atm.


Been tried and failed so many times. Gallente are simply worth more. Their modules and ships are among the best in class while caldari offer little to remain competitive. Shield extenders and PDU that’s really about it. You can trade any racial BCS now since their performance was standardized and caldari no longer offer the best.

That might be, but I have hope that there are those out there that join FW for the pvp side of things.
And right now Caldari needs more competent corps and players.

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What a turn of events, was going to join amarr Fw, but might join caldari, I do enjoy blowing up galantee

may start an alt back up just for fig stuff. haven’t been in fw for a long time. To bad CCP abandoned that overhaul to fix the mess they made with fozzie sov

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Why couldnt they just force everyone who wants to join a player corp into FW. Imagine the mighty Goonswarm being part of the Minmatar Republic and TEST being part of the Amarr. fighting for their respective empires glory in null sec.

Or they could fix the value discrepancies between gal and cal LP stores and make caldari worth flying for. Otherwise the whole thing becomes another giant krab generator like null anoms. They already have identical problems with bots.

Cant believe current state of Cal/Gal front. I stopped playing in about 2013 and Black Rise was a blast. Constant fights to be had, lots of large alliances involved on both sides, systems being flipped regular, bunker bust fleets, long term goals and strategies etc… I started playing again a few weeks ago and took a trip to Black Rise… Its dead. Nothing going on. Whatever happened in the last few years has certainly killed Cal/Gal FW.
Shame really, I was looking to get started up again but doesnt seem much point now.
Is it just full of LP farmers now? or is that not even worth doing anymore?

The northern warzone drop in activity is due to numerous events and changes. The following are my opinion.

Citadels have had a huge emotional impact on smaller parties that feel like they can’t compete. Citadels have, on the contrary, created a ton of high end content for those willing to form for those timers.

When RDRAW joined our warzone, I would say that was a significant change to our favor, though it led to a civil war because of blue status with large pirate entities inside Black Rise. This matter was resolved after a gentleman’s fist fight, the outcome of which was the acceptance of blue status with Snuff, which made us a critical player in larger engagements with other non-fw entities like Shadow Cartel, Sniggwaffe, Horde, Goons, Exodus, CruiserCrew.
Skill injectors played a huge factor in our ability to be involved in capital escallations. The squids also benefited from the same options, as they continually upped their game in forming greater and bigger comps to respond to us.

We pushed the warzone for fights and soem of the opposition, which had formed a dependency on Upwell structures, cracked and gave in after losing a few fortizars. Thus the Black Rise region saw a huge decline in actuvity, as the lull led even our own groups to seek content elsewhere. Mainly nullsec.

Why null? Because living in low doesn’t pay the bills. Lowsec is a place for citadel brawls and kitey bs that is OP only because people don’t know how to use damps and the Mordu’s pirate ships are really very good when faction fit.

Rapid light missiles, gate camps, Sansha incursions, and Gila’s are also crazy effective in lowsec. The environment itself is a lawless land where skirmishing tactitians are king and hot drops are real, which discourages slow and heavy doctrines which counter kitey bs.

As for hubs. They are still dropping.


nothing wrong with fozzie sov

so so true :joy:

great post. i do totally echo what you say about fw space.

Having been to gal/cal space several times it really is a totally different warzone. the gilas are everywhere the kiting is too. In our warzone the slow brawl doctrine is the choice of both militias. Kiting is almost nonexistant here. It is my warzone of choice, everytime i visit cal/gal space i get fed up with the kite style pvp.

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Come to Heimatar.

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