FW Balance - Choosing a Side

The current faction warfare state seems skewed for Amarr/Caldari. Should that influence my choice?

I resubscribed this month after 5 or so years away from New Eden, and I’m thinking about signing up for faction warfare. When I used to play, things seemed pretty even FW-wise between the factions. However, today I looked at the Dotlan map and noticed that the map seems pretty lopsided. My intention was to participate in FW on the Amarr/Caldari side, but now I’m wondering if I should choose Gallente/Minmatar instead. Would it be easier to get fights if I choose the losing side? Am I putting too much into the current map layout? Are there other variables I should consider first?

Advice appreciated.

The main consideration that arises from one side being dominant is the value of the LP (Loyalty Points) you receive. The value of these is also affected by the current demand for certain items - ie Gallente LP was popular for a long time because the Vexor Navy Issue ship was in demand.

The war zones ebb and flow. When I started FW with Amarr a year or so back, Amarr was on the defensive - so much so that I had transported a number of T1 frigates into the Oyanata system only to find myself locked out when it changed hands :flushed:

Gallente has been traditionally dominant of its war zone, but the Gallente alliances left for null-sec some while ago. They are beginning to return, so I suspect that war zone will pick up in activity and fights very soon. Amarr is dominant for now, but one side effect of a bigger Gallente FW presence is that they come and help out their Minmatar allies.

In short, it doesn’t really matter unless you really want to min/max your LP returns. Because of the mechanics, this tends to be influenced by farmers who switch sides whenever the value moves to the other faction.

For fights, you can use the map to show the ‘hot’ systems for your chosen faction - there is usually one or two key systems being fought over at any one time. And of course, you could join one of the established FW corporations which will help identify fits and areas of operation, as well as have some team mates.

Edit: One final note I should have made. Choosing Minmatar or Gallente will run the risk of possibly locking yourself out of the main trade hubs in Jita and Amarr. Inevitably, your security status will suffer. However, this can be rectified (expensively) or solved simply by having an alt based in the hub.


To be honest, I thought the influence of this variable had influenced the current state of affairs. From what you say, it sounds that it’s just an ebb and flow though. I had thought about my access to Jita/Amarr, but Dodixie and Rens are not terrible markets in their own rights.

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