Faction warfare choosing a side/region

Hello lovely people, i have been flying around like an idiot the last week checking out FW. Im no good yet but i wanna get more into this.

I wanna know which side has an easier time finding fights, which regions do they go to (speaking mostly about mostly solo frig pvp.)

I spent some time on the caldari side using jita as my main base and taking the trip to tama and flying around there but for some reason i feel like caldari is dominating most of the time and a lot of players are on this side so maybe if i switched to gallante or the other sides i could have an even easier time finding those cool fights?

Id love for the people that are doing solo FW pvp to tell me which side they like the most, which region they go to and which system/station is their main stating area/market.

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You can use tool like this, CoE | Faction Warfare Map, to see which systems have active plexing.

Caldari are dominating the war zone right now. So Gallente will find more fights maybe?

Intaki is apparently going wild right now.

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Fight for one side and plex for the other.

can you elaborate please?

cool tool, is that real time section actually accurate to the minute or do you think its a bit delayed?

You better get used to this because the side that has the farmers and botters dominates.
When I switched from Gallente to Caldari it was exactly the opposite. Gallente were dominating.
The farmers and botters switch around depending on the value of the LP. when Caldari LP is overfarmed and the value drops they will switch sides and than that side will dominate.

Hate to say it as a FW fan but Warzone control has very very very little to do with actual player involvement especially PVP plays a very little role. Most of it is due to farming and botting plexes i.e. LP.

Current hot spots are Old Man Star, Agoze, Deven, Fliet and Heydilies.
Get a little involved in the community and you will find the fights and hot spots.

Both Amarr-Min and Caldari-Gallente sides of FW have decent fights with their own hot spots, perma camped systems and local try hards.

Caldari has the upside of easy Jita logistics where as Dodixie and Hek/Rens are gargabe and since the fall of Niarja Amarr is kinda trash tier tradehub as well.

Edit : from my time in FW and fighting for ALL sides I made the following observations :

Caldari : Lots of infighting and politics, lots of newbies but eager to PVP. Most people are nice but you got some bitter try hards that somehow blame you for loosing their 1b PVP Kiki.

Gallente : At the time I was in it was largely botters and farmers. The few active PVPers are great. Big shout out to Aideron Robotics and that one dude that instablaps stuff with his Cynabal all over the place (you know who you are) at this oppertunity.

Minmatar : Literally the horde.Lots of eager “slave liberators” mixed with a few try hards but in general great peope. Aslon is a bit of a tricky character but in general a cool guy and Winmatar at the time was a cool group. Also you got the peak roleplayers Ushra Khan, not very competent but active with cool fleets and some RP if you are into it.

Amarr : Not as many active people as Minmatar but the people that are there are pretty competent. Good bunch have /pol/ tier humor. So if you want a group that is politically correct, this is the wrong place.
Expect to spam PLEX | WELP | REPEAT in local or never be a real member of Amarr FW. If you are into telling “rainbow people” to KYS this is the place for you.

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Thank you this is very informative.

Keeping this in mind, maybe it would be a better idea for me to switch to gallante and be against those newbies since im a newbie myself?

Is dodixie really that bad? I noticed the fit that costs 11m on jita costs 16.5m at dodixie i thought that was the way it goes?

I need to figure out the logistics of pvp because i hear people dont even travel to highsec, apperantly they haul a bunch of fits to the warzone? How, why, is it worth, which system do they choose to store their fits?

As a dedicated caldari pilot, I can recommend you to join caldari. There are lot of possibilities to learn and pvp (Intaki/Fliet).

If you are interested and wanna join us, do not hesitate to write me and we can catch up in our discord and have a chat about possibilities!

Fly safe o7


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Regarding Dodixie for me personally :

The higher purchasing costs (as you noticed) wasn’t the big issue for me but cashing in the LP.
I don’t have multiple accounts to fund my PVP habits. So I am somewhat dependant on the LP I get from FW.
The Perimeter Trading Tower and to an extent Jita offered me the best ISK.
At times somewhat substantial.
For example I was able to get 150m more out of selling the faction cruisers in Perimeter rather than Jita.
Dodixie would have been even worse. At least if you dont put up your own sell orders and wait.

I have an alt that flies an Orca and shipped that stuff to Perimeter / Jita from Gallente Space but personally it was just such a hassle that at a point I couldnt be bothered anymore and switched to Caldari. Especially since I don’t play as much nowadays. So I like to use my playtime for something more engaging and fun than hauling stuff with an Orca :stuck_out_tongue:

Regarding the Calmil let me quote Lambda here :

His group are good people and generally most Caldari Corps will be open and even eager to teach you some tricks and the in and outs of FW PVP. That is the upside to flying with other Newbies.

If you still want to go Gallente I only heard good things about aideron robotics.

Courier contracts. But since you decided to haul in orca I guess you are beyond salvation…

Amarr tend to be organized more like the Roman empire. So if you like being commanded around it is a perfect environment for you. They like to show up as a uniform fleet, which has pros and cons.

Minmatar are more like the barbarian horde. Usually total chaotic with little structure but usually also a lot of fun, even if they lose. (So better fly cheap ships unless you really know what you are doing.)

I am German. Didn’t you know we are Nihilists ?


Thank you, I mean that. It’s a lot more fun that way.

That explains this:

I forget how long I’ve been flying for Minmatar, but it’s been a blast (and I’m usually at the wrong end of said blast). You said you have been “flying around like an idiot” and I am doing the same thing, it can be expensive but it’s always fun, usually hilarious, and always really intense, except the part where you watch a timer count down and even that you are basically waiting to be attacked.
I can’t recommend a specific faction and others here have done a great job of giving you an idea of what they are like. For me though if I pick a side I tend to stay with it and try my best to help that side succeed. So far however I have mostly donated loot.
I personally find that the rules in Eve about combat in general to be rather dense and overly complicated and faction warfare has a lot of its own rules. I’m still learning them, all the mechanics of how things work and why and very recently had one of those moments where a lot of it fell into place in my head.
I suspect that no mater which faction you pick you are going to have a blast, and don’t worry about making mistakes, even your enemy’s will help you if you ask most of the time.

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sort of thing that happens when you loose two world wars

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