Which EVE Faction needs the most help in Faction Warfare?

I don’t know where to find stats on factions and how they are doing, so which faction should I join to be the most help?

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You do understand that FW is totally artificial meaningless conflict that can have no winner or looser?
Correct question is: which faction i can join to earn more ISK. In which case, the answer is probably any of them.


Dock in a station and it will show it’s faction’s FW page. For example the jita 4-4 station has the caldari - gallente war, and the amarr EFA station has the amarr - minmatar.

if you are undocked it will show you based on your character’s race by default. (if you are in FW it may show you your enlisted corp’s status but I don’t know the details on that one)

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OP: This is what you are looking for.
Ignore ‘loosers’ like that poster:

Eve is so much more, than counter strike in space or “get all ISK in the world”. There are herous and traiters, win and defeat. If you think, that some role playing here, in sandbox, is a ‘meaningless conflict’, you lose the crucial part of the game, IMHO.

Do not let your soul get lost to the ISK greed. Fight for the right thing, fight against tirany of caldari corps or against burocracy of gallente federation, against amarr slavers or against minmatar terrorists… Pick yourself and stay with it. It will give your game new dimention.

If all you want is to get into action, join gallente, cause caldari out number them and you will get more targets to shoot at. In Dotlan you can see number of kills - gallente lose by player numbers but wins in kill numbers. Same with the amarr, but amarr/minmatar warzone is not that active.


Akuma is sort of right though.

It’s a ceaseless, cyclical war. Many of the combatants are so cynical they plant alts on both winning and losing sides, because the profit is what matters to them. Others simply don’t join a side so they have more targets. But nothing is affected, there’s no reason to fight.

Back when FW was introduced, and for a time after that, CCP had lore teams that held events based in FW space. Stuff that got reported in the in-game news and was referenced later in the lore. For example, Yonis Ardishapur called on the 24th IC to take a particular system because archaeologists had discovered the remains of a saint. You had interesting reasons to fight other than “gated PvP; dat LP”. But those days are loooong since gone.

The fact that CCP has put FW on the backburner for years and years hasn’t helped with the apathy. Hell…you could even say that the gradual decline of enthusiasm could be roleplaying…a mercenary realizing that his fight has no real point, the fervor of his younger, idealistic days fading away.


We are not terrorist! We are freedom fighters, liberators, and heroes of the enslaved!

Join the Tribal Liberation Force today!


Yes, but tsss ! Let new players get some drive…

Make Jita FW zone and you will see how apathic FW may be :japanese_ogre:

Your point of view :wink: Amarr see it different - read the lore…

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Looks like its gallente. :smirk:

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The two most active factions are Gallente and Caldari. Gallente have significantly more kills per day and have more PVP action but Caldari currently control more systems in the warzone (because sitting in a FW plex in a stabbed frigate is the Caldaris idea of fun I guess).

The Amarr and Minmatar conflict is a lot less active and I can’t really say much about them.

If you want to shoot people then either Gallente or Caldari are fine.

If you want to earn ISK then I guess any faction will do (but you’d probably be better off doing incursions or some other PVE crap).


And the Amarr are liars and slavers, who inbreed with their own families to keep their “purity”. Well at least that is my experience with them.

You make it sound a bad thisng :sunglasses:


The Amarr-Minmatar warzone isn’t as active as the Cal-Gal one, but it’s still fun. It’s a great place for trying out solo or small gang pvp, vs. either enemy militia or pirates. Low blob factor, and plenty enough people in smaller ships willing to blow you up, or try to.

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I love the Amarr-Minmatar sectors, for that VERY reason. It isn’t as crowded, and you can find solo fights pretty easily. Not to mention most of the pirates and FW militia you fight are always willing to give tips on how to get better.

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Indeed indeed mate. It’s kind of a wandering gunslingers/on a samurai sword quest zone. Things are bound to go teets up for somebody in the end, but no cause for bad feelings. Made some good friends and got invited into some cool and interesting chats there. But… “That one was to you. The next time I see you around here, I’m going to KEEL you!” :slight_smile:

[image courtesy/horked from Jebi Vjeta, who surely horked it himself}

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As someone who has had no interest in pvp fighting, can someone tell me briefly what faction warfare is about? Can you be a member of a corp and still participate?
I assume faction warfare is lore-related. Is every partipant maxed out with better than T-1 ships?

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Your corp must be in FW. As an individual you can not participate, though many choose to be member of NPC FW corp.
FW should be lore-related, but it is more source of jokes, than real role playing. SOmetimes you can see both militias fighting pirates, together.
FW offers some kind of match making. It is called PLEXes (from complexes) and there are different kind of them, that allow difeent calss of ships in. So you can pick up the fight or just run away. Novice plexes are the only one, that allow only T1 ships.

FW not only about cheap frigates / destroyers, but most people use them becasue you get a lot of fights and you will lose a lot of ships. You want to keep it cheap and it is also sucks to lose T3 cruiser to gang of T1 frigates, that cost 1/10 of your pimped out ship. But people use any and every ship in there.


I don’t think you quite understand the concept…

You can look at my killboard and see the wonderful cheap fits that have been used an lost in FW. I try all sorts of things no serious pvper would do…like a ECM Breacher…or a Burst with autocannons and webs.

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It’s generally what most of EvE is about in essence.

  • Blowing ships up.
  • Having fun.
  • Buying GadgetCorp replacements parts.

Y’know, the basics.

–Gadget parts are best parts


In “short”:

  • There are four militias, one for each empire (Gallente, Caldari, Minmatar, Amarr)

  • Each militia is allied with one militia and at war with the other two:

  1. Gallente VS Caldari and Minmatar VS Amarr
  2. Minmatar & Gallente and Caldari & Amarr are allies
  • You can join the militia in one of two ways:
  1. by personally joining the NPC militia corp (these are NPC corps, like the starter corps, but are a member of the militia of their respective empire)
  2. by joining a player corp or alliance that is signed up to the militia for one of the four empires (the CEO or directors/executors can join with their entire corp/alliance and all members of the corp/alliance will then be participants of the militia)
  • The NPC militia corps are generally terrible since they have no structure or leadership. It’s strongly recommended to join a player FW corp or alliance (there are many for every militia/empire, best shop around a bit - most are very welcoming to new/inexperienced players and are willing to help you learn small scale PVP)

  • Once you’re a member of a militia, you will no longer be able to enter the high-sec space of the opposing empires. If you do, police will spawn and try and kill you (though they are easy to avoid with a fast ship - but going shopping in Jita is best done with an alt character if you don’t happen to be a member of the Caldari militia)

  • Though you’re allowed to attack anyone in an opposing militia anywhere in the game (highsec, lowsec, wherever), the fighting is mostly concentrated on two regions that border the two warring empires (for example the region of Black Rise, which sits between Caldari and Gallente space)

  • Within those border regions, the two warring empires fight for control of the solar systems in the region. This is done by entering and capturing FW complexes (small structures in space that can be found with your on-board ship scanners, no scan probes required).

  • There are four sizes of FW complexes:

  1. Novice plexes only allow t1 and faction frigates to enter and take 10min to capture
  2. Small plexes only allow ships up to t1 destroyer size to enter and take 15min to capture
  3. Medium plexes only allow ships up to cruisers to enter and take 20min to capture
  4. Large plexes allow all ships to enter (even caps, though no cynos can be lit inside FW plexes) and take 20min to capture
  • An FW plex is captured by remaining within 20-30km of a beacon inside the plex, all the while counting down the capture timer, without having any enemies within those 20-30km. If an enemy enters the same FW plex then the capture timer stops counting down until one side is destroyed or leaves the 20-30km capture zone around the beacon.

  • Each time you capture a FW plex inside a solar system for your militia, the system control is moved slightly towards your militia. If the attackers run enough FW plexes inside a system without the current owners/defenders stopping them, then they move the system to a “vulnerable” state.

  • A solar system that has been made “vulnerable” can be captured by the attackers destroying the Infrastructure Hub inside the solar system (and the defenders have to prevent this)

  • If you capture (or defend) an FW plex for your militia or you kill a member of the enemy militia, you get rewarded with standings towards the militia and Loyalty Points for your militia.

  • The conflict is an on-going thing, with different systems being fought over by different people and corps at different places within the warzone, 24/7, 365 days a year. There are no “rounds” or anything like that.

  • The more solar systems a side holds, the higher their “tier” (level) rises and the better the rewards become for participating in FW activities (more LP payout for kills and plex captures/defends).

  • Solar systems that your side hold can be upgraded by spending militia LP so they give more points (which influences the tier/level of your militia)

  • Militia LP can also be spent in LP stores and thus turned into ISK (exactly like other LP). This allows you to literally earn ISK with your PVP activities (though, to be fair, you likely won’t keep yourself afloat with these LP payouts alone, at least not if you lose ships regularly and don’t focus on grinding LP).

That’s a basic run-down of the mechanics of FW.

What it basically means is that you can grab a t1 frigate, enter a Novice-sized FW plex and then you can be sure that nobody in a ship larger then a faction frigate will be able to enter. This makes it way easier to find solo or small gang PVP and makes it harder for people to lay traps and blob you (though people obviously still do that if they can).

I’ve been in FW for many years and I strongly recommend it to anyone who enjoys “man against man” PVP combat over the weaponized boredom/strategic mega blobs of most sov holding 0.0 alliances.