Best FW fac to Join?

(Eso Es) #1

Kind of interested in joining FW for a bit to get my PvP chops back, where can I find decent and somewhat regular content for 1v1s?

Not too worried about best LP fac, just looking for fights

(Marek Kanenald) #2

I would say any system with a high contested % is going to be good for pvp.

But just roaming the fw space in general should find you plenty of people farming FW plexes to fight.

(Vala Azar) #3

If looking for FW targets then Caldari/Amarr side gives you more targets.

There are even more targets if going pirate of course, but then you would have to be purged.

(Nameira Vanis-Tor) #4

I think Amarr Militia need some love from what little I can see!

(Eobarness) #5

yo did you find a corp yet?

(DrButterfly PHD) #6

You can find some hard stats here:

Minmatar is the most fun.

(Tristan daCuhna) #7

Gallente and Caldari offer the better mid-large scale gangs and a fights.

Minmatar is the place to go if you want to farm LP

Amarr currently has very few active members so if you want to solo / small gang this is the place to be.

(Portmanteau) #8

Translation, minmatar is the most LP/isk

(DrButterfly PHD) #9

Not true. Minmatar is the worst lp/isk but the best lp/effort and therefore the best usk/effort.