Newbie/Returning Looking for FW, small scale pvp corp


Looking to dip my feet into pvp, hoping to find a FW corp or some other small scale group.

I’m 35+ and would prefer to run with a bit older players, lest I feel like a dinosaur. I’m in euro timezone and will usually be on sometime between 16-01 Eve time. Happy to play with NA long as you’re fine with the overlap not being ideal most of the time. I’m committed when I’m on but I can’t commit to playing on a schedule.

The corp doesn’t have to be solely focused on FW, it’s probably optimal if it’s doing other activities like PvE as well. I’m on Gallente but would join Minmatar or even Amarr if push comes to shove. Open to doing most things except moving to null permanently.

I have around 12 mil SP, about 5mil of them are in drones, rest are spread out over gallente ships, I used to fly(poorly) a domi for lvl4s. I’ve not played since 2013 and I’m basically a complete beginner at this point. Had basically 0 pvp experience outside of living in null for a week until I got bored waiting for shipments.

I don’t mind losing ships or losing team fights. Try hard and fail while laughing on coms is generally my mentality, and would prefer to play with likeminded folk.
Don’t require ship replacement programs or any perks outside of people to talk to and play with.

Have working mic and happy to be on coms but being forced to be on there just cause I’m on eve is a deal breaker.

In my time FW / third partying, corps that I have had positive experiences with:

  • Amarr: Empyrean Edict
  • Caldari: Black Phoenix Rising
  • Gallente: Sedition / Blue Canary (probably high SP join requirement though - you can ask them if they have recommendations for Gallente) (disclaimer: ex member of blue canary)
  • Minmatar:

Good luck :+1: Do yourself a favor and don’t get sucked into blob / FW farming corps.


Sounds like we could be the group for you once you get past the fact we’re currently on the Amarr side :wink:

Found a home for now, thanks for replies and mails! All the best :slight_smile:

You Are WelcomeWith us. :slightly_smiling_face:

Come join The Order of Omerta. We are doing pvp and fw as well as the boring stuff like mining and indy as well.

Older group of guys who enjoy having fun and achieving goals together

Stop by and check us out

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