FW sides


Im looking into fw but dont know witch side to choose. can someone with experience tell me what the best side? looking for small gang pvp

Don’t you think if there was a best side that everyone would be on that side, which would effectively negate faction warfare?


I lose hope in humanity when I see threads like this. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :joy:

Join the FW militia of your favorite empire OP and have fun. There are active FW militia corporations in every empire.

Oh while I am at it.

There is no “best ship” in EVE also.

Have fun in FW!

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For small gang pvp, any of the sides will get you there.

In general, Caldari and Amarr are the big dogs and Galente and Mimnatar are the under dogs.
Amarr is the biggest dog and Mimnatar are the underest.

There are advantages and disadvantages to joining the larger side, and you can switch to another side if things aren’t quite to your liking (there is a cooldown period of about ~1 month after you exit a side before you can switch sides).

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Go Galmil…they are outnumbered 24/7 everywhere in the warzone … every system, every fight.

\end sarcasm

Depends on what you want out of the experience. There are good people on both sides of Galmil/Calmil war but the dynamics of each side are very different.


Yeah that’s why Minmatar always have like 50-70% of FW zone.

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