Faction warfare

I think one major decision on joining FW, is exactpy who to join, as their are major factors.

Like what the loyalty stores offer, what space you enjoy to be in, whats the state of the battlefield (populations, meta, whos winning)
Or even simply RolePlaying.

If you joined FW, what was your reasons to side with who you did?

My main (Telegram Sam) joined Minmatar militia because:
-When I created an Eve account, I’d just read a book about the Sex Pistols, and Minmatar were the punkest faction, and they were the only toons that could have have space mohawks.
-When I first joined FW, MinMil was the closest militia in the neighborhood where he lived. Never crossed my mind to join another militia outside the neighborhood. Just getting into PVP for the first time was more than enough.
-Looking back, kind of half-consciously felt that Minmatar FW guys would more or less think more like I do. More than, say, Caldari players.
c) RP. Roll on, MinMil!

Underdog faction to get more targets (FW was the best way to find PvP without hours of roaming those times).
Caldari ships were ugly as lego dupplo toys
Yes, some role playing took the sugnificant part in the decvision too… I am a gallente pilot.

To fly with friends


FW has a lot of issues right now. With each expansion they are growing. The Citadels injected a set of new mechanic abilities, which changed overall the FW concept. Check PVP chapter on forum for more details.

Anyway, even with this status, FW is very healthy and is the best, maybe only available, place for a good solo PVP. Just use T1 Frigates, Destroyers and Cruisers only for this.

The reason why is I love fighting for the underdog myself, which is why im probably going to end up flying for amarr.
Havnt decided yet.

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