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My question is, I have an alt in Gallente FW currently, but seeing that Caldari owns over 80 systems compared too Gallente around 15? My question is, is it better to stay Gallente or to switch over to Caldari? I try looking for fights all over FW and find many with random neuts and very few with going against the other faction. I do the plex about… 30-40% of the time and 60-70% of the time I’m looking for fights.

Any help would be great :smiley:


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GALLENTE >>> :smiley: I read something on forums about being rewarded for loyalty to your faction in fw it hasnt been implemented yet but when it does it would be nice to have a head start :slight_smile:


The first question is… Are you in it for the isk, or in it for the PVP?

If it is the ISk then switch sides and see how little isk you make from the already flooded market of the Caldari and Amarrian LP stores. If you are in it for the PVP, well you are on the side with a target rich environment, you are guaranteed to find a fight.

So in short. stay Gallente.

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You can always go neutral and shoot both sides plus other neutrals and loot them all as well… and of course die in the process as usual. :slightly_smiling_face:


Fly what would benefit you personally the most.
Following the winning side is a fools errand.
When one side begins winning alot the lp store value crashes, eventually pvpers will join the other side for fights, they will take a few systems, then the farming army will join for the inflated LP once a glimmer if hope pops up.
After this the tides turned and the lossing side crashes the other side, happens like every 5 months.
Gal and minmatar were winning badly 3 months ago, now look at them.

Dont mean to sound so grim, just saying stay with the side you like, it will have its time of glory and of defeat, so have fun with it.strong text


Dont farm the lp farm the farmers! :smiley: much better isk and fun.

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Really good points that I didn’t really think about… Hard to choose because Caldari has good LP store for ammunition of both Hybrid and Missiles while Gallente has LP for Hybrid and of course the VNI :stuck_out_tongue:
Do you guys/gals choose the faction with better LP perks overall that you would use for yourself or whichever faction you like better? That’s the main thing I’m considering right now is because of the ammo perk that Caldari has, along with the VNI that Gallente has since everyone in Null needs a VNI :stuck_out_tongue:

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Here’s another point… What content is close to your base. I have an alt trying FW. I chose Gal militia because I live in Gal low sec with easy access to Cal controlled FW space. One jump over I can find ample Plexes, targets, and everything else. That works out well for me from a logistics side.

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Caldari has the main advantage of being able to access the two biggest high-sec market hubs in Eve (Jita and Amarr). Plus, Amarr + its allies controls the biggest high sec empire. So if you enjoy convenience, go Caldari.

gallente and caldari scum.

The term is Frog and Squid scum thank you.

Yeah but if you are in FW, it is probably not smart to take your character to major hubs. Use an alt that is outside faction warfare.

who are the farming armies / corps?

do these people sit in a round table and decide to push a faction? illuminati?

Its solo players going to make afk isk, and they go where is easy isk is.

Last major corp that I remember doing this was test a few years ago joining amarr when minmatar was solidly winning because amarr lp was worth.
They were trying to get back to nul after they got booted out.
So much and they crashed the market

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