Questions about Factionnal Warfare [Answered]

EDIT : ok so just by launching the game I got my answers for Resource War so I edited that out

As for Factionnal Warfare :
-Is only the antagonist empire going to hate me or all others ?
-If I’m in FW and my faction is Amarr, will Minmatar pilots be able top shoot my ship freely when I’m in Gallente or Caldari space ?

Amarr and Caldari are on one side. Minmatar and Gallente on are on the other side. So if you join the Amarr, Gallente and Minmatar will be your FW enemies. Not all pilots, just the ones who joined the other faction for FW.

Yes, there are no safe systems when you join FW. The other side can always attack you. Anywhere.


thank you for the answer

So do all your enemies blink red in local and in the overview?
And as a peaceful Gallente merchant and looter, I hope I don’t have to fear factional warfare more than common ganking.
Once I had a job in lowsec and was worried about 20+ people in local in a remote lowsec system with quite many “gf” messages, until I found out there was a factional warfare skirmish ongoing. Is that something organized or do they just meet to fight?

If you are in FW your enemies will blink red. Faction warfare systems are where we meet to fight over plexes. However, we hunt each other outside of plexes too.

If you are not in a FW militia, you are not a legit, free to fire on target. However, that never stopped me from hunting and killing anyone not in a militia.


You are a target once you undock.

Yes, but you are even more of a target when doing FW

Let’s put it this way:

When you join a Faction militia (any of them)…

  • you are effectively in a global war declaration with anyone who has joined the Faction militias opposite of you (in your case, anyone who has joined the Gallente or Minmatar)
    This means that anyone in an opposing militia can shoot you on sight anywhere, anytime, in any way they can.

  • you will be engaged by the NPC Navy in the hostile faction’s high-security areas (1.0 to 0.5 space)… which you can avoid in a small / fast enough ship.
    Note: This does not include CONCORD. They are indifferent to Faction Warfare.

  • people who have not joined Faction Warfare (regardless of faction) will see you simply as a “neutral” and vice versa. Regular aggression mechanics will apply (see: they can’t shoot you and you can’t shoot them in high-sec without CONCORD nuking you).

  • most Faction Warfare activities happen in low-sec space (0.4 to 0.1 systems).

  • your pilots race matters little. You can be an Amarr character that joins the Gallente militia and flies Caldari ships. It is all about your standings towards the NPC faction.

So to answer your question simply: Yes. You will be more of a target than before.


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