Faction Warfare

Not sure where to ask this so i will post here. Just wondering if Amarr FW players be it solo or corp can shoot gallante or only minmatar FW people. I ask this as i was in jita a few days back and locked a guy who was in Gallante FW. When i tried to shoot it said i couldnt as it would make me a suspect ?? Is this how it supposed to be ? If i shoot Minmatar FW ships will i go suspect ?

Any help be well appreciated


For a start, if you leave your Safety Settings on green, you can never accidentally shoot someone and get Concorded, you can only shoot when it is perfectly okay to do so.

Secondly, Gallente and Minmatar are allies, Caldari and Amarr are allies. If you are in FW on the Amarr side, Gallente and Minmatar are your enemies.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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The game really makes your FW enemies “enemies”, they will be RED in the Overview. You should read CCP’s brief guide and Feyd’s excellent guide to make sure your Overview is configured properly for your task (FW combat). But, in general, Minmatar FW and Gallente FW players will appear red in the overview, enemies, so you’ll know they’re valid war targets. That’s because “players belonging to enemy militia” are red.

I’m guessing that the guy in Jita was trying to trick you, to make you go suspect so he could kill you. Jita in particular is full of scammers, but in general some people are so desperate for easy kills that they’ll resort to tricks.

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